Dorothy Field - Birds - California

When I first came to America someone pointed out a robin to me and I was disappointed to see it was very different from our English robin redbreast and the same with the American blackbird, but the sparrow was exactly the same. And when I was in Hong Kong, the sparrow was the same as those at home. This is like God's children, the same in every country unlike some religious groups who have the same name in different places, but are quite different from place to place. We are glad for the same fellowship, the same spirit, and the same likeness amongst the sparrow and amongst God's children whereever we may go. 

A sparrow is a small bird, and no matter how much it may grow, it will never be anything but a small bird. God's requirement for entering His family and Kingdom is that we become as little children. Only a child grows, and if we become like the little sparrow, then it would be nice if the biggest we ever get, would still be small.
Several months ago I was with some friends at a zoo. We went in one house where there were a lot of brightly colored birds; some very exotic and I noticed that everyone was taken up with these birds they had paid to come and look at, and they totally missed the little sparrows that were hopping around in and out of the bars of the cages unnoticed and unknown in their daily activities. Those fine feathered birds remind me of the idols and stars who live in the bright lights of the world where people pay to see them, or others, who at the peak of fame and fortune gather crowds and applause. Yet those same crowds never notice God's little sparrows quietly going about their living, unnoticed and unknown. Jesus said, "Not one sparrow falls but My Father knows and not one is forgotten before God." Yet the star who falls, the great who fall, how quickly their memory goes into oblivion, remembered only by a stone monument, or when one reads a book of memoirs, etc.
Wonderful to be able to lead a quiet life that the God of Heaven knows and  sees and that is of such value to Him that He never forgets where His little sparrow is and who cares about all that happens.  
The cuckoo is mentioned in a list of birds that are an abomination to God, and surely heading the list would be the adversary of our soul, the devil. In England, the cuckoo flies around looking for a nest, another bird's nest, and will when it finds one with eggs in it, push out an egg and lay its own there. When the young cuckoo hatches, it gradually pushes out the other little fledglings, and demands to be fed by the little foster mother. The cuckoo doesn't make a nest or feed its young. How like the devil to go around looking for a heart in which to lay or implant some wrong thought, 
wrong desire, wrong spirit etc, which as it grows, demands to be fed by the owner and, if it is, it will gradually push out any other new life there. As a child, I often found a dead fledgling on the ground at the bottom of a tree, and knew there was a young cuckoo in the nest above. If we allow the devil to lay a grudge, for example, in our nest and it is fed, it will push out forgiveness, love and unity and these little evidences of new life will find themselves dead on the ground.
The cuckoo will always return to the same kind of bird's nest for the rest of its life and if the devil knows he has been able to lay a young cuckoo in our nest once, he will come back and back and back again till the end of life. One might wonder how we can escape the cuckoo and its merciless ways and I am grateful for the answer we find in Psalm 84:3, "Yes the sparrow hath found an new house,  even Thine altars, O Lord of Hosts, my King, and my God.." The only safe place where a sparrow can build her nest without fear of the cuckoo or the elements of danger, is the altar of God, where there is  His presence, where there is sacrifice, service, incense (prayer) and worship and where the priest or servant of God has the care and the responsibility of all the concerns of the altar.
One could like to take warning from those verses in Luke 12:4-7  and not allow the devil to put anything into our nest or heart that would demand to be fed and push out and destroy any other new life there.