Dorothy Tessman - Portugal Convention - 2005

Dorothy Tessman gave out the hymn, "Yesterday, Today, Forever Jesus Is The Same " and said this is our song.  This song is in the Bible, Hebrews 13:8. 

When I knew I was coming to
Europe for conventions I was very happy, but I was extra happy when I knew I was to come to the first ever convention in Portugal.  When I came, I knew that there would be some things that are different from home, but I did not have any question that the things that matter would be the same.  The language is different but the language of heaven is the same.  The language of love:  love doesn’t need words, a language that all understand.  The food is different but the spiritual food is the same, the living bread, the living water, the milk of His word, everything to meet our spiritual need.  The climate is different but the climate of convention is the same everywhere, this warm spirit, the warm abundance of spiritual rain.  The care and the provision is the same.  The spirit of God is the same, it makes the difference, for it makes us one, the Jesus. 

There are those who are seeking something deeper than normal life and they are satisfied in Jesus.  The disciples took Jesus as He was into the ship, they did not want a different Jesus, they were satisfied to have Him as He is.  Some want a more modern Jesus who will give them what they want,
but we are satisfied in Jesus as He is.