Dorothy Tessman - Portugal Convention - 2005

Dorothy Tessman opened the Sunday morning meeting with the hymn, “We Would See Jesus.”  I have appreciated seeing Jesus in the lamb.  We see in the first Passover, the story of the lamb.  On Saturday evening and Sunday morning, reading of the lamb helps to soften my heart for the Sunday morning meeting. 

Today we do not keep the Passover, we remember the lamb, remember what the Passover was a type of. 

Today, God's people meet in a little circle in a home and the lamb is in the emblems in the centre.  We remember his body and his blood.  In this feast the lamb was the centre, the lamb has always been the centre, for before the foundation of the world the lamb was there, when God created the world the lamb was there. 

God created the lamb with a nature like His Son, a small animal meek, quiet, and defenseless in itself. 

The lamb was in the garden with Adam and Eve, it was the skin of the lamb that clothed them. 

When Noah and his family left the ark, they again sacrificed a lamb. 

Abraham saw the lamb and now, in Moses' day, they were keeping the Passover. 

In Exodus 12:3, we read that they had to get a lamb, then in verse 4 it became the lamb, verse 5 it is your lamb and then in verse 11 it is the Lord's lamb, it is His Passover.  First they were to look for a lamb without blemish, the firstborn, then they had to find the lamb and take the lamb to their houses.  It would become their lamb and, as they cared for their lamb, it became the Lord's lamb.  They were to keep it for 4 days when they would get to love the lamb and then it would be very hard to kill the lamb.

The Lord loves small things, He did not choose a bullock to represent His Son, a little lamb. 

Then after they had killed the lamb, the blood was to be sprinkled on the door posts and the lintel.  A little hyssop was used, it is like a sponge, this plant grows in the wall, a little thing.  They ate the
lamb with bitter herbs, small plants, so they were seeing small things. 

A few people would gather in a home, small in the eyes of the world, for man likes big things, but God loves little things.  Things that are great to man are small to God and things that are small to man are great to God.  Our little gathering here seems very small to most people.  I do not know how many thousands of people there are in
Portugal but those gathered here today means the most to God, for it is His little flock, those who are willing for the lamb. 

It would be hard for them to have to kill the lamb but it was their only hope, their deliverance, their salvation centered on the lamb. This was to be a memorial, a remembrance to keep throughout all their journey and, when Jesus THE lamb came, the Passover was still being kept.  Joseph and Mary went to the feast and took Jesus, the lamb had come. 

Jesus was born to Mary who placed him in a manger, a stable.  It seems a strange place for a child, but it is the place for the lamb.  That lamb grew quietly, meek and lowly, giving its life till the time came when the lamb had to be slain. The disciples had found the lamb for in John 1, behold the lamb, they had found Him.  Then 3 years they walked with the lamb and there they learned to love the lamb, love the footprints of the lamb.  The world loves the nail prints of the lamb but the followers of the lamb love His footprints.  It was not easy for them to see their lamb slain, one of the reasons that Peter followed afar off was that he found it hard to see Him suffer. 

Jesus had eaten the last supper with His disciples and told them to keep this memorial. This small gathering in the upper room, they ate the lamb first and then Jesus gave them a small piece of bread, then the fruit of the vine, these were the memorials they were asked to keep.  God did not want them to forget the lamb and today we have the privilege of remembering the lamb, learning to love the lamb as we follow and obey.

In Revelations, we read it is those who followed the lamb who were with God.  There is much in this Book of Revelation about the lamb, He is mentioned in every chapter after chapter 5.  First we see the lamb on the throne, the ruling, reigning lamb.  We want to be willing for His rule and reign in our lives today, want to follow the lamb today so that one day we will be with Him.