Edward Podgorski's Last Days and Funeral - Poland - January 26, 2005

An unforgettable day - January 2005/Poland Date: Wednesday, 26 January 2005 21:30:15 -0800

It was a VERY cold winter day today in Warsaw as 10 workers (Werner L. (Germany) Vasyl S. (Ukr), Dan S. (Rom) Elfrieda E. (Germany), Karen E. and Trude B. (Ukr) plus we 4 on the Polish staff, 15 friends and 6 contacts said a final goodbye to our dear native brother, Edward Podgorski. He had cancer surgery December 28th and suffered a major heart attack sometime after that. It was a privilege to help with his care his last days before being put in ICU January 7th. He finished his journey thankful and faithful January 14th at almost 84 years old. There have been many heartfelt impressions made these last weeks...

Edward had over 20 yrs alone as a worker in Poland during the communist years. His experiences, some very difficult only made him a more "thankful" person. One of the last things we remember Edward saying is, "THANK YOU."

The husband of our friend Elzunia, Henryk (so close to professing...) brought tears to our eyes yesterday as we stood to view the body.  There were just a handful of us as the casket was opened.  He touched Edward's arm and said, "Goodbye, friend... Thank you very much!"  We all felt like we could utter the same words.  50 years he has cared for the few here in Poland...

Loran and Domenic walked behind the hearse to his final resting spot and we with them... I couldn't help think... they had lost a companion of 20 years! Edward is missed here, but he lived for eternity. There is nothing more encouraging and heart strengthening then to see a worker finish faithfully. I feel like my purpose has been strengthened and I don't want to forget all I have seen and felt these weeks. We have all been so thankful for all the care shown in various ways these past days.

Your "polish" sister,