Edward William Bax - Testimony of Bewa Family on the Life of the Worker

To speak about brother Edward, friendly called Ed, I can write a book of hundreds pages. But this will not give another life to our brother, that’s why I will focus on 4 highlights periods of his life as pastor in Benin. However, we know that human testimony is not important, only God’s testimony is valuable.

The 1st highlight period: 1984-1985; this was his first mission year in Benin where he arrives to help the workers team that year. Ed was the first worker that I have heard that Sunday afternoon of August 1984, at the gospel meeting in the house of Feu Christophe Vodouhe. He was with his companion worker Leslie Pountney.

It is when I have noticed his disappearance that I have known that he was in Benin for just one year. During a working travel in New York, and Montreal, in October 1985, I was expecting to find him in that town, but he was in another field at that time. However, with the help of the friends with whom I stay, it was possible for us to make telephone conversation.

 The 2nd highlight period: 1993 – 2009; this was the time when Ed returned to Benin as overseer. As a man of God, he stays among us full of love and zeal for the gospel, the kingdom and the people of God. As a spiritual man, he knows how to help the weak and discouraged persons. He has shown his love for the people of God and for the Gospel by giving the precious gift which is the Gbetagbo’s conventions.

Before the birth of the convention’s place in Benin or in West Africa, I can remember Ed in 1996 during its first visit in that field which was maize, groundnuts, and beans plantations. I can remember his visit in 1997 with few friends from Canada. I can remember our discussion in private, these days when he wants to know if we can find a place for convention in Benin. I can remember his radiant face the day I has told him that Gbetagbo is available and can be used for conventions.

Beloved brothers and sisters, I cannot remember how many times, our brother Ed has come back to that question, either in private or at 3 (Francoise and me). He has never taken a decision hurriedly, proving that he is always led by the Holy Spirit. As a spiritual man, loved by the people of God, he has mobilized a team of about 10 friends from Canada that come to Benin to construct the roof of batch 1 at the convention’s place.

He often leaned on church’s elders' advices on important questions about spiritual life of the people. I can remember the brother during successive conventions’ preps days, particularly for the first convention in 2001. I can remember Ed giving the first example for a work to be accomplished by his companions workers or by the friends.

The 3rd highlight period in the worker’s life of Ed: 2009-2010; it is the worker who doesn’t care about his health. It is the time when a persistent cough has begun to disturb him. Medical analysis in Benin has not revealed anything significant. During his visit to Europe, medical analysis revealed critical health situation. I can remind that afternoon when the brother Ed has telephoned me from Holland, telling he is compelled to go to care of his health in Canada .

The 4th highlight period: January – March 2011; during his treatment, he was authorized by his physician to visit his beloved people of God in Benin. During its stay, he has mainly preached encouraging words and forgiveness words, etc. At the end of his authorized stay in Benin, we have accompanied to the airport, with the hope to see him again in Benin.

But, he has now finished his race. Beloved brothers and sisters, there is no doubt that Ed has given himself entirely to the works of God. With love, he has often walked in spirit. He owns qualities of workers, we would like to have: keep a pure spirit even if we are weak. Either by phone or by e-mail, you will never find in Ed (when ill) a downcast spirit, or discouraged spirit. It is a proof that he has always given the example to walk by spirit and not by flesh. May God help us to follow his example. Thank you.