Erla's Letter from Glenn - Haiti 2010

Date: Sun, 24 Jan 2010 22:27:56
(Erla Jessup in Picton, Ontario)

Dear Erla and all there,

Just a short note here before I turn in.  You will see by the papers  all that goes on in Haiti so no need to go into that.  We are glad for the 2 van loads of provisions from the DR. They have gone back but plan to return here next week with provisions.  We are glad the gas stations are open also, so we can be furnished that way.  We have been working hard this week and accomplished a lot, but what we are doing is a real strong building with strong foundation and pillars,and this takes a lot of time and material, but we don't like the predictions we hear that maybe tomorrow or Sunday another quake of  magnitude of 6.4 is to come and that could finish the building as we have only 3  pillars up as of today and we need several more.  The walls of the bottom part  are crumbling with every tremor and quake since and are ready to fall out.  It's only the old pillars that hold the top story up.  It is hardly damaged and we'd  like to save it if we can.  Every day there are tremors, and today they seem more  regular than before.  But we hope the prediction does not turn out as claimed.  I have been sleeping in my usual place where the visiting workers sleep, but  tomorrow night I may go out in a tent like the rest, and won't have to jump up  and run out if a heavy quake comes.  We feel fortunate when we think of the devastation and death others suffer.  Those who came from Canada and US are a big help and the tools they brought helps a whole lot.  I have been  working mostly on the tractor, drawing stones and gravel and taking away refuse which is no small job.  The old block walls will all have to come down and  where do we put all that heap??  Some friends are here on the grounds in tents and work.  Three women help Allan, who is chief cook and does the washing too with  some help but it's no small load.  This eve there seems to be continuous tremors.  Now this was to be just a note so better stop.  We hear from so  many who think of Haiti at this time.

Greetings to all and love,