Esther David - Letter about Bill Lester's funeral - November 21, 2009

Dear Ones,

Thoughts are very much with you all as you hear the news of the home call of our Uncle Bill Lester…our hearts are saddened as we face this Great loss! He had his 75th Birthday in May this year and I remember the note of thanks he had in his heart for God sparing him thus far and he mentioned that he was 15 years old when he made his choice to serve God. I think he was 28 years when he came to India to Labour, maybe I am wrong in this matter but know for sure he gave his life for many years in this land and finished in the harness! Recently he spoke about the first day and the last day and told us of the joy he had when he surrendered his life to God and also said the days or years in between the last day were few and shorter for him than ever before! We value his faithful life and have faith that God will raise him up on that last day! His last day on this earth was on 19 – 11 – 09. He was called home to God at 1.15 PM Indian time. Hema and Mohan have helped in finding this hall where we will be gathering for the service and the name and location of the hall: Parish Hall, Holy Ghost Church , Davis Road , Richards Town, Bangalore – 84. On Wed. 25th at 10.00 a.m.

He was admitted into Martha’s Hospital on 18th night in a semi conscious state. When Frykholm came to the bach from Joy and Lazarus David’s home after the study meeting and night meal there he found uncle Bill fallen on the bed with his jaw twisted which Frykholm set right and he called Christopher James, who was returning from Martin’s home after the study meeting…also, he called for Laz, Joy, Chinna and his son to come to the bach and help him take uncle Bill to the hospital, and that’s what they did. The doctors were quick on the job of checking and doing the needful, as one of faithful friend Edna Ramnath’s daughter, Dr Padmini (not professing) was contacted. She made arrangements for doctors to attend on Uncle Bill soon. His Blood Sugar was Very high and his Blood Pressure was very low…they admitted him into Medical Intensive Care Unit and started him on Insulin and other treatments. The Next morning, the main doctor said that he must have had a mild heart attack during last week, which he himself may not have realized or others with him noticed…he had another massive heart attack just before he passed away!

The comments of the doctors and nurses were that his was an honourable death…he answered questions from some of the nurses, saying, "He is a Christian Missionary," and someone heard him humming a hymn the mid morning he passed away!  His body is embalmed and kept in the mortuary in Martha’s hospital.

Thus far, we’ve heard that Shirley, who is Uncle Bill’s sister and her husband are trying for an emergency ticket to come for the funeral, also Mary David and Craig Wilson from Sri Lanka. Fred and Saju are asked to come from Nepal, then there will be host of friends and workers from this land, maybe there are others too, that are coming?

Recently, Uncle Bill used to tell us of his testimony and how he made his choice…he said he nearly missed it because he liked sports! He had a definite call from God later for the Gospel! He also spoke often about the Shepherd and sheep relationship. About Adoption, and it was very helpful in the meetings. He used to choose Hymn 270 and 14 often recently.  He has left a wonderful example and he has left us a wonderful influence. We will miss him in our midst but long to have a true purpose and desire to continue and finish like him!

Shall send this now knowing you all will be thinking of us as we lay his body to rest on Wednesday morning at Hosur road cemetery, where our friends and workers, who have passed on are buried! Excuse me for not adding a personal note to this.

Accept Greetings in Him,

Your Sister, Esther David