Evening Sacrifice



I am nearing the end of life’s journey, and I fain would linger still;

There seems so much I ought to do, and places I fail to fill;

I think of the sins I’ve committed, and of failures great and small,

There is much to be regretted, but I find no excuse at all.


There is One who never fails me, whenever I cleave to Him,

And One who always forgave me, when I fully confessed my sin;

But the past is mine no longer, the morning and noontide fled,

Now I have only the evening, for my weary feet to tread.


Though the gloom comes a gentle whisper, “My child why so much despair,

When you can still use the evening, My joy and My sorrow to share?

There are many who need your comfort, and many who are still in sin,

I know you have failed me often, but there are battles still to win.


And there is the evening offering, the sacrifice valued much,

The incense of blended service, which nothing of self would touch.”

Now that gentle voice has soothed me, the evening I yield to Him,

And pray for His grace to save me from all that would bind within.


And may someone be the better, for my eventide service here,

To my Father’s heart bring gladness, to my brother and sister cheer.


“Written by an aged Worker.  Jan. ’44.”


From Ruby Brown