Everett Swanson - Note

Since one soul is worth more than the whole world we have many reasons to rejoice.   One man has a professing wife but has rejected the gospel for many years.  Now he has quit smoking and drinking and has been listening well in the past four meetings.  A religious man is also attending who has had some contact with the Truth for many years.  A 91 year old lady has known of the Faith for 50 years.  She is a quality woman but has not been needy until now.  Maybe this will be her day of visitation by the gospel.


A Mexican lady in our field has 2 brother and 2 sisters in the Harvest Field in Mexico.  She has also 4 more siblings who are still single and who knows??  There have been 13 children in their godly family.


It has been inspiring to hear of our professing doctors, nurses and others who are helping with medical needs in Haiti.


In Acts 1:1 Jesus finished his perfect work on earth.  In 2:1 the Holy Spirit put its seal upon that precious work.  The Spirit chose the day to arrive (first day of the week, Pentecost, Sunday), and chose the location of the home (although there were many synagogues and a temple) and chose the ministry Christ ordained 1:13 and the saints in verse 14.  It also chose to fill them with the Spirit.   It brings us joy and confidence to know that this has not changed through the years.


I have been invited to attend the conventions in Australia and New Zealand near the end of the year.  I told Mark that I was too old and he didn’t listen to me, ha.  This will be a rare privilege although unworthy.


A lady gave her testimony and told of the extra things she wanted to get rid of.  She made a big pile and one by one said, “Oh, I might use this later.  This one might have value, etc."  She made excuses and the pile virtually didn’t shrink.  She said, "I think this is like my own life”.


A 94 year old saint lady said, “Each day I profess all over again and return my life to God.”  She is a pillar widow and has two meetings in her home.  I think she has professed for over 80 years.  We are still surrounded by faithful witnesses. 


We recently received the list of visiting workers we will have for our conventions in the Spring and Summer from around the world.—Thanks kindly. 


A bro,

Everett Swanson