Fay Gustafson - Choices - Special Gospel Meeting - 2000

I've been thinking of some opposites we read of in the Bible. Darkness and light, bondage and liberty. We read of joy and sorrow,narrow way and wide way, few and many, life and death, and I suppose the list could go on but when I think of these, it helps me to understand that I need to make a choice every day. By nature, I don't like to make choices. If someone gives me a choice, I can find it hard to choose...I can, actually. Really I want both, but when it comes to spiritual things, often we have to make a choice. I am thankful for this gospel message that presents the two different sides to individuals and brings them to where there is a choice to be made. We were singing, "Teach me how to choose. Talk with me these choices o'er. Then let me choose as I would choose."


There's a young man in Sweden in this work today but a few years ago, he was just listening. One evening, he came to our bach and told us that he knew he had to make a choice but said, "I can't choose. I want both the world and way of God. I just can't make the choice," and he went away with sorrow that evening. As time went by, he came to make a choice and today, he is very happy that he chose the way of God. Very happy that he chose to walk in light rather than darkness and is having the privlege of helping others to make the same choice. We can choose to walk in darkness but it's not safe. We can't see where we are going. It's much easier to walk if there is a light, if we are following a light.

One of our friends some years ago, she and her husband were visiting and were guests in someone else's home and during the night, she got up to answer nature's call, didn't want to disturb anyone, so didn't turn on the light and walked in darkness. She opened a door and took a step in darkness and fell down a flight of stairs. Couldn't see where she was going. It's not safe to walk in darkness. If she had put on the light, it would have been much safer. We could choose to walk in the darkness of this world but that's not safe. We could wonder, why would anyone choose to walk in darkness? Read in John 3 – of men that loved darkness rather than light because their deeds were evil and didn't want to come to the light. You know it's worth coming to the light.

Wonderful promises in I John 1:5 and 7 – God is light and no darkness in Him - even says we could say we are walking in light but won't have fellowhsip with Him... walk in light as He is in the light, then we have fellowship and cleansing of our sins.


There are wonderful promises if we are walking in the light. At a funeral once in Sweden (a young man had passed away). He's been walking in darkness, his mother had chosen to walk in light and that's why we were at his funeral. We were surpirised to see what a lonely person he must have been. He didn't have one friend that came to his funeral. Only his mother and family there and us workers and a few friends of his mother. Didn't have one friend that came. He's been walking in darkness and I'm sure he lived a lonely life. How different if he had chosen to walk in light – then would have had fellowship – we can have fellowship one with another and know forgiveness of our past – leave behind the old life. Much better to choose to walk in light than the darkness of this world.


We can choose bondage or liberty – we are held in bondage in this world but we can have the privilege of knowing liberty in Christ. This gospel calls people out of darkness to light, out of bondage to liberty and it gives us joy and a peace and satisfaction in our hearts. We can choose to walk the narrow way or else the wide way. There are many that are walking the wide way, only few that find the narrow way.

Some years ago we, my companion and I, in Sweden, were visiting with a man we'd met that hadn't come to any meetings. He enjoyed reading the scriptures- he was a bus driver. Visiting about Matthew 7 – the wide and narrow way and he listened and then said, "You know, I drive a bus," and he said, "If I was going to drive my bus to a certain place and there was a narrow difficult way to drive and a wide way that was easy to drive – wouldn't it be smart to choose the wider way?" And my companion says, "Yes it would be wise if both ways led to the same place!" These two ways didn't lead to the same place – the narrow way leads to life. The wide way that many are walking leads to destruction – much better to choose the narrow way than the wide way! It goes against our own nature. There are certain things we have to say no to and others that we have to say yes to. But wiser to choose the narrow way. Choices we need to make everyday - choose to walk the way to life. Few that walk in that way – many walk in wide way. Two opposities – few and many.


Since coming home from Sweden, people ask us, "How many are you? How many friends are there?" We think how much better it would be if there were many but it's not many that make the wise choice. Another year, we were on a Swedish island and on that island, we only had one friend. Today, there are more than one. My companion and I took the bus an hour to their place on Wednesdays, and then on Sunday, make the same trip as Wednesday nights. We met two religious girls on the bus one day who had noticed we travelled it often. They approached us and asked where we were going – told them we were going to meeting. They asked, "Are you many that meet together?" "No, we're not many but these meetings are very precious to us and we feel like we are one together with others around the world." They then asked if they could come and we welcomed them. Found we were meeting with only one friend! With tears in their eyes they said, "Are you making this trip every Wednesday to gather with one person? You know, in our faith, we wouldn't think it was worth it." Those precious times together mean so much. Where two or three are met together, if found walking in light then we have fellowship one with another.


May God help us to choose wisely. I need to make these choices every day. I made them when I first listened but need to make them every day.