Fern Gibbs - Afternoon Meeting, Special Meetings, Brockville, Ontario, Canada - November 29, 1936

Nehemiah 2, Abraham was a friend of God.  God often calls us to be His friends.  The enemy began to hinder when they first started to build the city.  They said, from the first, that there was to be a separation from the World and the People of God.  They built up the Wall first thing. 

Nehemiah 4, we all have the privilege of building a building for God.  No matter how far apart we are, we can remember each other in prayer.  Our prayers are ascending to God and He remembers the needy.  Need of taking time to pray and let God impress upon our hearts the need of others. 

How much do we help those that are failing to keep up the wall of separation?  Others will see this Wall and it, too, will discourage the enemy.  God gives us the provision to build, no matter what corner we are placed in.  But we know that the enemy will try to hinder.  There is rubbish in all our lives and the enemy likes to hide behind it.  The enemy couldn’t scare these people by laughing at them. 

So, they asked them to come down on the plain and meet with them.  But Nehemiah would not come down.  He stayed on the level that God put them on.  And then they wanted Nehemiah to go and meet in the temple and he would not go.  But the enemy got one person and nearly got some others at end of chapter.  This person was hindered by a friend.  He was giving one chamber to the enemy.  It was the chamber that the Sacrament was kept in.  He was one that God could not depend upon. 

We can either hinder or enable the Work of God.  They were all building with a pure heart.