Florrie Mahood (from West Indies) - Almonte Convention, Ontario, Canada - Sunday Morning, July 1953

Paul wrote to Timothy to “exercise thyself.”  It is best to exercise a crippled member of the body even though it hurts.  So it is spiritually.  “Exercise thyself unto godliness.” 

There is godly fear, godly sorrow, godly jealousy.  The ungodly is cruel as the grave.  Godly jealousy moves us to put forth every effort to become more like Christ.  Good counsel or advice. 

Exercise our senses hearing, eyes to see godly things, tongue to speak godly messages, all trained by God.  Keep your vision clear so we can see the dangers.  Keep your sense of smell clear and keen. 

Mary knew what would make a sweet savour as she sat at Jesus’ feet.  Have love and zeal to consume our sacrifice.  Very sad when our sense of taste is lost, because of disease working within.  No desire to read, pray, etc.  

Hymn 283