Frank Stephen - Iron Bridge Convention, Ontario, Canada - Thursday Evening, 1953

Jeremiah 1 (backward steps of Children Of Israel), no flesh was to glory in God’s presence.  Nice to be conscious of our weakness. 

Chapter 2:2, seek to follow Jesus.  This brings holiness.  The Children of Israel went after vanity.  When we hear the gospel, we become a land that is sown and tilled.  Keep going after the Son of God.  Don’t let other things take away the overcomer’s crown. 

Chapter 14:7-10, backslidings because they had not refrained their feet from evil. 

Chapter 30, alas for the day is great, it is the time of Jacob’s trouble. 

In Chapter 3, even though they backslid, they could return.  Easy to walk in the imagination of our heart.  Israel and Judah walked together after being yielded to God. 

In Colossians 1, it speaks of not holding the Lord as our Head.  Then we will have jealousy, etc., but if we have Him for our Head, He guides our feet and heart.  God wants to keep us.  “How shall I put thee among my children?”  Your backslidings may be many.  Return to the Lord, take Him as your Head and follow His directions.  Paul said, “Live peaceably with all men.” 

Isaiah 26, “Other lords beside Me have had dominion over us.” 

In Jeremiah 17, old gods were still remembered.  Be like Isaiah 26, 1 Corinthians 9:9-27, Galatians 3.  Danger of becoming a castaway. 

In Chapter 10, God gave many warnings.  As others fought, we too can fight and as others fell, we too can fall.  In Numbers some lived in the uttermost part of the camp, far away from the tabernacle or place of God’s presence.  The mixed multitude fell a lusting because they had a mixed heart.  Don’t murmur.  The people murmured and built the golden calf.  Aaron listened to the people while Moses was listening to the voice of God.  If we see a brother or sister going astray, have a fear of God.  Levi was chosen as generation or tribe of priest because of the fear wherewith he feared God.  They that turn many to righteousness shall be as the stars.  The fear of God preserved Joseph when tempted in Egypt.  Have the attitude of Phineas and put wrongs to death. 

Acts 1, Jude’s last words tell of Jesus able to keep us from falling.