Fred Allen - Noah

I went to Vietnam in 1957 to labour.  There was a school boy we met in 1958 and, little by little, he became interested in the gospel. He had a religious upbringing and a very strict father, but in spite of all that, when he had grown up he still had a desire for something better and he found that in Christ. We will all find our all in Jesus Christ, not in some way created by man, but by Jesus Christ. That boy grew up to be a man and offered himself to preach the gospel, and tonight we are here to welcome him.  He has come over to this country.  We didn't think he would ever get to this country, but God has intervened, and he leaves tomorrow. We had to leave that country when communism took over, and he and his companion were young men at that time, but they kept the faith. When you listen to his preaching tonight, you will realize he is still in line with Jesus Christ.

In the last few weeks, my thoughts have been on two structures that were built in the Old Testament days. The first one was the ark that Noah built. The second one was the tower of Babel, and men built the tower of Babel. When Noah built the ark, he didn't decide himself he was going to build the ark; he didn't say, "I will work out the dimensions and make it so it will stand the floods." There had never been a flood up until his day. Sometimes, when people think about the future, they kind of get careless and indifferent and say, "This world has gone on so long and things are just the same as they were, there will not be a change." That is a very sad idea - there won't be a change - because we know God told Noah He wouldn't destroy the world by flood again, but it will be destroyed by fire. People say God doesn't exist, but God is and was and is to be. Moses himself in the wilderness was told, "I am that I am." In other words, "I am the living God you have heard about all your days, God of your fathers, Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob." He is the living God and one day He is going to show His almighty power, and He is going to do to this world what He has promised He will do.

Noah built according to what God had said. God wants you and I tonight to build an ark for ourselves too, but not from our own dimensions or our own ideas, not from what we would think up ourselves, but from the instruction that God gives us in His word, that we would be able to build something that would enable us to escape the destruction of hell.

What was the difference between the Ark that Noah built and the tower of Babel?  The ark was something that could float above the waters of this world, something that took people above the influences in the world, and through Christ we can do that.  That ark was above everything else and when everything else perished, the boat still was safe. When you enter into it, you will find that you have something that will help you escape from it all. God was in the ark. I ask you tonight, "Whatever your faith, is God in it?" You look at your life and say, "Is God in me?" So often we are like those people in the days of Joseph and Mary in Jerusalem. When Jesus was 12 years of age, they journeyed all day, and Jesus wasn't with them. Wouldn't it be sad, if after years of toil and striving, that Christ is not in it? Joseph and Mary were journeying with others, and it seems they didn't worry until the end of the day, but then they realized that Christ wasn't with them. The others went home without Christ, but Joseph and Mary couldn’t do that. We are journeying on to our long home; are we journeying with Christ?  You have to examine yourself, and I have to examine myself, and I would hope tonight, as we would look into our hearts we would get a clear picture of what is there, and if our lives are still with the ungodly things around us of the world, or is Christ in us?

Noah had this satisfaction after he built the ark: he had done something within the will of God, and he knew without doubt that God was in it. When he was finished, the Lord said, "Come now and all thy house into the ark."  God said to come, and that is what the Lord is saying to you tonight. The door is open and He is calling you to come in. God was in Christ reconciling Himself unto the world, and God is still there tonight and calling you to come into the ark Christ Jesus, that you might find salvation unto your soul.