Fred Kingslake - Picton Convention - Friday Afternoon, June 23, 1950

2 Corinthians, it  would take a long while for us to just copy these letters to the Corinthians.  It must have taken Paul a great deal of time and effort before he even started to write them, but it was something that stood the tests of time.  They are just as real and helpful today as the day he wrote these letters.  Are we spending time these days to write or speak something that will live after we are dead and gone?  What am I getting into the time here and what am I living for?  Paul, in his experiences, uses the words, “I am determined” and “I purpose.”  We need a great deal of purpose and determination in our lives these days.  It is possible for us to speak words that will live if God can speak through us.  They will be like seeds that will live and grow in the hearts of men and women.


We spend our health in search of wealth,

We scheme and toil and slave.


We spend our wealth in search of health,

And all we have is a grave.


2 Corinthians 2:4, 13, in days gone by, when armies went out to battle, they tried to capture the leaders of the enemy and then they paraded them through the city to show that they had conquered.  Can we truly say that we have been conquered and that God is leading us?  Are we showing through our lives what it means to be conquered?  Have we given in, given up and surrendered?  Is there a resistance, an unwillingness and a fighting against in us?  The experience in every child of God that was useful is that “He leads me.”  Colts have to be broken to lead and then broken to plow, to work by themselves and to work with others.  It is nice to be able to work anywhere and to be broken to lead.  Are we in the condition of heart, mind, and spirit that we can be led?  It is nice to be broken to lead but also nice to be broken to work.  If we are not able to do a certain task, it is nice to be in the place that we help someone else to do it.  Are we like Martha—in the condition to serve no matter where we are?  Paul just had one title.  We read “Paul, a servant” or “Peter, a servant” or a bond servant or a slave.  They were slaves by choice.  We have an opportunity to become salves by choice and be led by God the master.  It is a good thing to be a slave if you have a good master.  We are all slaves to whom we yield ourselves, whether to sin unto death or obedience unto life.


2 Corinthians 3:2-3, in Moses’ day, laws were written on tables of stone.  Very few ever saw the tables of stone written upon by the finger of God.  Today God wants to write on our hearts instead of on tables of stone.  There is something written on our hearts and in our minds that people are going to read, that is going to be made open to everyone.  It wouldn’t take long to write on the tables of stone, but God kept Moses in the mountain for 40 days and 40 nights without food and drink.  What God had to tell Moses was more important than food or drink.  Is what God has to tell us this important?  Is it more important to us than food and drink?  It isn’t always God’s will to do things in a hurry.  He wants to try us to see how long we will stay with him because we have said that we love him more than anything else by yielding to his claim.  Do we wait on the Lord or do we say, “Excuse me Lord I have to go to look after the chickens?”


When Moses came down from the mountain, his face shone and he had to put on a shield.  If we can get victory as Moses did, people will see something different in us.  The kind of company we keep will have a very great effect on our lives – the wrong as well as the right.  If we live very much with the world, we will begin to savour of the world.


What is written on me?  What do people read in me that has been written by the hand of God and by the spirit of God?  We have a great effect on others.  Do we love the company of the dead or do we want the company of the Lord?  We don’t go to shows or ball games, etc. because we don’t feel at home there, not because we are not allowed to go.


When we turned to the Lord, the veil was taken away from our face.  It is not a matter of turning to the Lord once, but a matter of turning and turning and turning.


2 Corinthians 3:18, we  will become like what we look at.  We can be like a mirror that when people look at us they can see the glory of the Lord.  The Lord desires that we would reflect His glory in our lives, that He would see it. 

II Corinthians 4:2, the worst things are hidden things.  The hidden rocks are the ones that sink the ship.  Things that are covered up are the things that will bring shipwreck.


If a man or woman is dishonest, they can get scripture for anything.  They handle the word of God deceitfully.  You can get scripture that will bring eternal life or you can get scripture that will destroy you eternally.  If our gospel is hid, it is hid to them that are lost.


The first thing that God said was, “Let there be light.”  God desires that there be light in our hearts which gives the light of the knowledge of the glory of God and an understanding of His will.


This salvation is so great that the angels desired to look into it. 

Jeremiah 9:24, it is nice to come to the place that we know that God has given us an understanding of His mind and will for us.  We can have so much in this world of change and disappointment, "If thou preparest thy heart and stretch out thy hands toward Him.”  “If iniquity be in thy hands put it far away.”  “Let not iniquity dwell in thy tabernacle, etc.

Job 11:12-18, this security is better than houses and land or any bank account.  We have a treasure in an earthen vessel – the understanding that God has given to us.  This earthen vessel doesn’t count but it is what we have in it that will count for us.  There will be difficulties, troubles and opposition as long as we are in this body of clay.


“We are like sheep appointed for meat and for thy sake we are killed all the day long.”  What are sheep used for?  Sheep can be used for meat, wool and to bring others into the fold.  The wool keeps us warm in this cold world and can be compared to letters of encouragement and comfort.  A sheep is no good unless there is sacrifice.  There must be a dying, too.  “The outward man perishes, the inward is renewed day by day.”  What does it matter about the old earthen vessel if the inward man is being renewed.  We have a building of God eternal in the heavens, something not made by hands.  These difficulties, trouble and opposition and persecution are working for us and will pay or bring a treasure for us.


We should try to value more this letter to the Corinthians that cost so much.