Fritz Schwille - Last Poem - September 22, 1941

Fritz Schwille was the German worker who was arrested because he refused to take up arms for Hitler.  This poem was with the last letter he sent to his family before being sent to the Russian front and his death.



Suffering cannot be separated from Loving on this earth.

If you practice Loving, then you will learn suffering.

Loving and suffering must walk together on earth.

A life of sacrifice is the true substance of Love.

Who gives not of himself, can never free another.


Love is feeling the pain of another's suffering

Love cannot separate from her heart another's grief.

Love must, while travelling along, bear the burden of brethren

She is patient with others and is prepared to be hurt by others

With deep agony, she sees corruption all around her.

She dies many deaths as she watches others die.


And may my poor life-- bleeding from the wounds of strangers

Keep seeking the lost -- to rescue from the floods.

What matters?

If only Love can keep loving until death..

When one has stayed true to the holy calling

So it is better to suffer in the heart than to be without Love.


Someday the hour will come...

Then Love is separated from sorrow!

And when we have escaped from all pain

We will Love in eternal Joy.