Fritz Schwille - Letter - Berlin - September 22, 1941

Letter from Fritz Schwille, (a worker in Germany before World War 2)
September 22, 1941  
NW 40  Alt Moabit 12a
My dear sister Frida!  My dear brother Wilhelm!  All dear ones!
It is my turn to write a few lines.  Many thanks, Frida, for your letter which I received the week before last.  You worried about my health, but that was not necessary, because I am well.  The information that Hilde received, did not happen.  The mother of Werner (Gebhard) and Susi (Werner's sister) will have written to you, too; I rejoiced to be able to see them briefly.  I submitted (asked permission) for Marie S and Hilde this week; I will be glad to hear about you through them.  It is better, if you, Frida, don't make such a great journey, because of your health.  Pauline (Schnitzer) looked very poorly, you must not worry so much about me.  You will see Marie sooner than these lines reach you.
In my case, there was only one step forward.  Thursday, September 18, I was at the Federal Military Court of Justice to stand trial.  The verdict was no surprise for me, I could not expect differently, and I was prepared for it.  Earlier, I thought that another way would open up, yet it happened differently.  The sentence is pronounced, but not yet confirmed.  Still weeks will pass until it becomes legal by law.  The last word has not been spoken yet.  When the verdict is confirmed, I shall go to a prison in Brandenburg, I was informed, where also some more time may pass.  So this may not be my last letter yet.
Now I have only this one wish, that you be calm and trusting for my sake.  Although it may be painful, all can be overcome.  I myself have struggled, and with His help I have overcome.  I am now resigned for what is yet to come.  For a little while I felt forsaken, although the weeks and months were not all without joy.
Even now, at this point, I could have the opportunity to turn back, but: "I Cannot Now Go Back!" (Hymn 346 in the present English Hymnbook).  I have put my house in order, I don't worry too much when it gets closer to Jordan, it will be only like a moment when I dive under its waves, and then, all pain and sorrow will be over.  Sometimes in my life, I have thought about this hour, and longed for that rest.  Father, mother, Karl and Hans went ahead of us, and I would not wish them back from the land where the faithful ones are at rest.
I would have gladly stood by you both and other dear ones in life's struggle; but the Lord will not abandon you.  Just be brave and strong, you still have work to do, and with the mercy of God, life shall bring yet more joyful days than the present ones.
I look back over my life which has brought me enough sorrow, but also, not few of the greatest joys.  In some occasions, one has learned in life, about dying, and it gives a power that is stronger than death.  Before men I leave this world without honor.  You will overcome this, my disgrace, it will not be in vain in your life.
I wonder, if you, dear Wilhelm, are far away?  I hope you return in health, and that you are able to rejoice in many good things in life.
Salute Lina for me, dear Frida, may more joys return for you.  I believe that the friends stand by you gladly.  Be strong and composed.  I was glad that Ricketante showed so much interest for me.  Many greetings to her, too.  Pauline will be staying with you for a while.  Julie and the other friends are nearby, too.  Maybe you can recuperate some, at the friends, and on the mountain, greet them all from me, from all my heart.  I hope to write to you again later on. 
To you both, and to all the dear ones in the Lord, many greetings from your brother,
Greetings to the relatives.
Fritz was sentenced to death because of too much love for humanity.  Frida and Pauline were imprisoned and Frida was shot to death because of her brother, Fritz.