Genevieve - Comox Gospel Meeting - 2008

Matthew 25:1-8, the 10 virgins.

We need to be careful of the condition of our heart.

The foolish wanted to meet the bridegroom but they weren't prepared. Be prepared.

Where our heart is we will be compelled to make sure we bring the oil. Gather the oil and the wood every day.

Make the extra effort to find the oil. Our lamps will go out and we will miss the bridgegroom.

The light within us will get even stronger if we carry the oil.

What can I do to keep the light burning within me?

Where is my treasure?

What comes first in my life?

Make sure our treasure is truly in Jesus.

We have commandments and we know what is right but do we have the extra efforts and have a desire to let the fire of Jesus burn within us?