George da Santos - Portugal Convention - 2005

George Da Santos spoke of the spirit that we have received that binds and makes us all one. 

The purpose of convention is to acquire a closer relationship with our Creator. 

We are so grateful that Jesus came. 

God saw the course that Adam and Eve would take when they disobeyed, so He made provision to restore Adam and Eve.  He arranged for His own Son to come and save them again.  We think of Jesus' coming as the golden age, the greatest day that has ever taken place on the earth.  God foreordained that Jesus
would come. 

Jesus spoke to His disciples that many righteous men had desired to see the things that they were seeing, those like Araham, Isaac, and Jacob.  They had understood that God would send a Savior into the world and this put meaning to their lives.  This was what they were pinning their hopes on. 

There were only a few like the old man, Simeon, who really understood:  he took the babe in his arms, for this is what he had been living for.

Jesus came to establish the way of truth to bridge heaven and earth.  This is God’s true way, not many wanted it then and not many want it today. 

If we understand better what our Lord Jesus did for us, it will help us to commit these lives of ours to him.