George da Santos - Portugal Convention - 2005

George Da Santos spoke again of Jesus coming into the world, how He lived in the world and how He established His perfect way in the world, God’s way, then leave the world and go back to heaven. 

Jesus said that it was imperative that He go so that the Holy spirit could come, as Jesus had finished His part of the work. 

The three in heaven form the Trinity, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.  Now it was the Spirit that would continue the work and we see this so clearly in the Acts of the Apostles.  The Father used these two anointed Ones, Son and Holy Spirit, you read of them in Zechariah 4.12.  The two anointed Ones that stand before the Lord of the whole earth, emptying the golden oil out of themselves, that which is golden is divine.  It is through these two that God was working through to do a divine work in the earth, this is the only work for eternity.  Jesus had a part and the Holy Spirit had a part, too. 

We can understand that it would not have been easy for Jesus to leave His disciples as He had formed a bond with them, for He loved them.  We too feel a bond with you as a result of our time together and when it comes time to leave it will be hard for us to leave also. 

Jesus loved His disciples to the end.  He expressed His love to them by taking the basin of water and washing their feet, the Son of God bowing to wash the feet of sinful men.  He loved them with all their faults and failings.  He loved them and wanted to do all He could for them before He had to leave them and return to heaven, where He is today.  He is in heaven today watching over us, over you and me, filling the role as our great high priest. 

In the Old Testament, the sacrifice of animals could never take away sin, only cover them, but Jesus in His sacrifice for us has removed our sin, with His own blood and now has entered into heaven itself where He is today pleading our cause.  He is in heaven and His own are in the world.  Each one is precious to Him.  If there is anything we would like to do today, it is assure you that you are precious to Him, maybe not because of what we are, for we are sinners.  The reason that we are so precious to Him, is because of the great price that He paid for us.  We are His treasure, we are His prize. 

The lady who washed His feet with her tears, she understood what He was doing for her.  In this way, she was expressing her appreciation.  This would have encouraged Jesus to pay the full price for her.  So we cannot reimburse Him for what He has done for us.  I will tell you a little story of a little boy who wanted a bicycle.  His father said, "You start saving for it."  He got him a money box and he put every coin he received into that box.  When the box was full he went to his father and said, "I have enough for a bike."  So the father said, "Okay, we will go to the bike shop."  There he saw the bike he wanted.  The salesman asked him to bring his money which he did and poured it all out on the counter, but it came to only a small fraction of what was required.  Dad was standing behind, reached into his wallet, and paid for the bike which included the boy's coins.  The father was so happy to see his little boy doing his best. 

We sang in the hymn, were the whole realm of nature mine that were a present far too small, love so amazing, so divine, demands my life, my soul, my all.  If we can come to grips with what has been done for us, nothing will be too much for us to do for we cannot recompense the Lord in saving us.  As He looks on us and sees us doing our best, our best which is so very small at best.  God knows the cost behind the widow's mite and Jesus was observing this.  He saw all that the people were putting into the treasury but could say that this widow put in more than all the others for He knew what was behind her sacrifice.  It is the secret service that Jesus takes knowledge of and takes into account.

There is a dangerous thought of just doing the minimum that is necessary rather than the maximum possible, just doing enough to scrape through and may we not be guilty for settling for the minimum necessary but go for the maximum possible, do of our best.  The man or woman that does his or her best today, will be hard to beat tomorrow. In Isaiah 53 there are 3 questions asked: "Who hath believed our report?  To whom is the arm of the Lord revealed?  Who will declare His generation?"  This is why we are in the world today; we have the privilege of declaring His generation, His new life in us.  It is not enough just to say that we are a Christian, many in the world do that, we want to declare by our lives that we represent the generation of Christ.  We can only do this as we are willing to die and Christ lives over His life again in us. 

Jesus said that I go to prepare a place for you, I will come again and these are wonderful promises for us.  He has gone to heaven and we are on the earth but He wants us to share His glory to be with Him where He is and this is the whole purpose of creation.  Let us do our best today to glorify our Creator in the world, bear the image of Christ, for this is our hope for Eternity.