George Walker - Almonte Convention, Ontario, Canada - Sunday Morning, July 1953

Words Jesus spoke to His disciples:  Luke 12, all that’s in the Bible came from God. 

Fifty-four years ago, I launched out in God’s harvest field.  Don’t forget it is your Father’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom.  There are many warnings of things that would hinder us from getting it. 

Three things would keep you out. Verse l, beware. The past is not like a picture on a screen showing all past sins if we have been forgiven.  We can’t continue in sin.  Beware against living a double life.  People today are vaccinated with a mild form of Christianity that makes them immune to the real thing or Gospel.  Beware of the leaven of the Pharisees for they say and do not. 

Jesus did and then said.  There is a danger of only getting truth in their heads and not in their hearts.  We are convicted before we are convinced to yield to God.  Wrong things in our hearts makes us hypocrites.  We can be only hypocrites if we haven’t Christ inside.  Sincerity is the opposite of hypocrisy.  God is willing to be patient with our stupidity.  Don’t aim for gloss of art in our actions but have sincerity and truth.  An awful thing to be covering hatred with lying lips or words. 

Verse 11, be not afraid of man.  Don’t speak against the Holy Spirit. 

Verse 15, a man’s life consisteth not in the abundance of the things he possesseth.  The rich man felt he was boss of his own life.  Good thing to write or say, “God will” when we make plans.  There were a lot of poor people in that day, but the rich man lived only for self with no treasure in Heaven.  The poor in God’s world can be rich in faith.  It is one thing to believe God will provide, but another thing to believe when God asks them to give and do what God asks them to do.  Abraham wasn’t so sure or strong on the receiving side, as he was on the giving side.  “How about my account in Heaven?” is a good question to ask ourselves often. 

Verse 36, servants, rich in faith, love, etc.  Paul also speaks of himself as a steward.  Those who keep on well doing will hear “Well done.”  What we say in our hearts is important.  Servants often get discouraged.  Moses and Elijah are examples.  Be more prayerful for them.  It’s not the hardness of the Way, but the length.

Verses 49-51, God doesn’t promise peace in the home but in the heart if right with God.  Get trouble between you and God stopped at beginning.