George Walker - Bessemer, Alabama Special Meeting - Morning, 1971

I am glad to be here today, I am glad for what I see. I am glad for what I have heard because I believe it is sound doctrine. I am sure that everybody that gives place in their hearts to the Truth will bring something into their lives to make them a blessing to others. I am glad so many can be here to hear these truths.


61 years ago this week, I made my first visit to Birmingham and had a little meeting and there were only about a dozen there. I think of two there and they kept true – they stood fast and faced tests and others by keeping true themselves. That is most important - to live for others. When I made my decision to go into this Work, I went to see a friend of mine whom I thought would be pleased with my decision, but he quickly told me I would be a failure as a “soul winner,” and would never be able to get hold on people’s minds. I felt that this was another's voice - the voice of the serpent. I believe in God's people; I believe thefts are angels who take great interest in those who love the Lord. The angels of the Lord can't be encompassed about. The angels of the Lord behold the face of the Lord. The angels of the Lord bring thoughts to our minds as well as the evil angel.


When I started out in this way to preach the gospel, I had a lot of religious friends and they assured me it would be a great disaster. A false preacher who used to take me with him and was kind to me - I told him I was going to preach the way Jesus sent his disciples. He had been brought up to believe in an organization and when I told him what was in my mind to do, he said, ”I am very sorry you have that in your mind. It will be starvation and is without a salary and organization.” Many others had the same advice for me. That day as I walked along that road in Scotland I thought, ”If you can do for others whatever years in this work that you have begun, you might not be able to count many converts, but it will not be in vain. You will have helped some few people to have faith in God’s word."


Faith is the most valuable thing people can have. That is why the devil is so against faith. The root to all sin is unbelief. That is why the devil is anxious to put unbelief in our hearts. He has always succeeded and he will in our day. He has gotten into the minds of some preaching. How could I help others to have faith that God will give us salvation if I didn't show you that I have faith that God promises to meet my temporal needs?


I have sometimes said to my brothers that if they should be around when I leave this body and have the responsibility to say something at the funeral, I don’t desire them to say anything about my perfections or my sacrifice, or anything about me because it might contradict what is in heaven. The only thing I would like them to say is that the one whose body is in this casket believed in God and proved it by going out into this work and spending his years with no organization, no guaranteed salary, and no collection, and proved God could provide his temporal needs.


William Lewis told me of speaking at the funeral of Jim Hamilton. Jim had been a policeman before he went to preach and had spent 50 years in the harvest field. William said while he spoke at the funeral it came to his mind that the Lord had fulfilled every promise to him and others who have gone out to preach. The following two verses of a poem were quoted:


"Father, I know that all my life

Is portioned out for me,

And the changes that are sure to come

I do not fear to see;

But I ask Thee for a present mind

Intent on pleasing Thee.


I ask Thee for a thoughtful love

Thru constant watching wise,

To meet the glad with joyful smile

And to wipe the weeping eyes,

And a heart at leisure from itself

To soothe and sympathize."


If you do according to my teachings, your temporal needs will be met in this world and in the world to come - eternal life. It is good to keep this goal in view. I am very grateful to the Lord that my fondest memory is that there is another world after leaving this world.


At 11 years of age I looked at my mother's face in death. I had gone to Sunday school and when I came home she was gone and I looked at her face still in death. I wondered where I would be if I had died. I knew there was a heaven and a hell. I thought I was not fit for heaven and some changes had to come.


I am glad for impressions made about the truth of God. I had serious doubts about coming on this trip. Some feel that because a person has been preaching many years, it becomes easier for them to stand and speak in the meetings, but I don't find it so. When we are older our memory fails us and it is not easy to put thoughts together. The thought came to me and encouraged me to try to come along as long as strength would last. Not preaching any great sermon, but maybe I could help to strengthen someone's faith by giving my own testimony and mentioning some scriptures that have helped me to continue in God's way.


Most of us here this morning didn't come just to pass the day; we are here to fulfill God’s purpose. We believe in a purpose in life and in eternity and are anxious to get help. We feel our responsibility is greater and we in the meetings giving some real good fruit. Not that we are preaching some sermon, but giving something that perfects our love and strengthens our faith. Are we helping God's children to get something provoking them to love? So many things in this world are provoking to other things. What we will be taking in will teach us how to live for others and not be a discouragement.


I Peter l. There was something came to me that perhaps I could say things in the meetings that would help some who had not decided and it brought back to mind the last chapter of John's gospel. The words of Jesus when he spoke to Peter in that chapter is one of the most outstanding parts of the Bible because the night I made my decision it helped me to get victory and God gave me grace to go out into the world and live like Peter did. I have never forgotten it. II Peter 1:13-14 read. It is a great thing to have experiences in your early days that you will never forget because it affects the spirit. This is something that changed my course in life.


We do not know how many times Jesus [was seen?] in those 40 days he spent in his resurrected body, but we do know it was flesh and bones, but no blood. They were afraid when he came into the room, fearing they had seen a spirit. Jesus was showing us in those 40 days the kind of body we will have in heaven. Those two women in the garden didn't recognize him in his new body. He said, "This body I have now is flesh and bone; flesh and blood cannot inherit the kingdom of heaven." He shed his last drop of blood on the cross, fulfilling his father's will and finished the work the Father had him to do. That is why it is possible for us to be here today. His precious blood made atonement for our sins, (Hebrews 10: 22-26). It is a great comfort today to know that the very same Jesus that spoke to those people, comforted and encouraged them, also understands us to the fullest extent today. Nobody can have Christ living in their hearts without love. The most homely person living in the world, when they let Christ control them, there is beauty that God sees. Love is the beginning of salvation. Peter encouraged the elders of the church to feed the younger in the way by having the love of God in their hearts. The name Peter means "rock.” Jack Jackson once said that three words had done much to help him be a servant of God - ”I die daily." We need to daily put to death the things in human nature that would hinder God’s will. We often let petty things take up too much of our time. I would like for Christ to be magnified in my heart wherever I am. In John 21, Jesus revealed himself to the disciples the third time after he was risen from the dead.


It is not good to talk about the failures of others and then try to use them as an excuse. All were encouraged to make their calling and election sure even though nearer the end the elect will have more and more temptations. God will come and claim His own elect in the end. I John 1 we can see in the light there is true fellowship. One woman once asked if the Lord would bring up all the bad things she had done before she knew the Truth. It was explained that the past was wiped away. This was illustrated in this way - a man married a woman who had a lot of debts. Yet because he loved her and she was his wife, he paid the debts and also agreed to pay any future debts for her. We need to have the right relationship with our creator - this is the secret to life here and through all eternity. It is only as we abide in the vine that we can be fruitful branches. The Bible begins with a human marriage and ends with a heavenly marriage. You will make no mistake if you make full surrender to Him, and you will have no regrets now and none in the end.