George Walker - Book of Revelation - McCordsville, Indiana - September 6, 1975

During the past few weeks, my thoughts have been mostly dwelling on the chapters in the last book of the Bible, Revelation--the chapters in that book that tell us about two women and two cities.  We know that these were not just personalities, but the one woman and the one city represents what God wants His true children to be on earth today.  It tells about the experience they will have and what they will be to the Lord, and the other woman, the other city, represents the great organized religions of today, pretending to be the Lord's people, and they are not the Lord's people.


The first woman is mentioned in the 12th chapter of Revelation, “And there appeared a great wonder in heaven; a woman clothed with the sun, and the moon under her feet, and upon her head a crown of twelve stars: and there appeared another wonder in heaven; and behold a great red dragon having seven heads and ten horns, and seven crowns upon his heads.”  We believe this that if we look closely into it; it gives a little side of what happened when Jesus came into this world.  The reason the illustration of a woman and a city were used is because one showed what one side is like--the inward relationship which represents in the human family what a wife is to her husband.  We have a hidden side that only God and we know.  It is a very presumptuous thing for any human being to pretend they know what is in another's personal feelings.  To one of the most faithful prophets in the Old Testament, God said to him he didn't know.  He wanted to anoint one to be king and he thought he had seen that one, but God says, "No."  He says you only see the outward.  God says, "I look at the heart.  I know the inward purposes; I know the inward thoughts; I have another one."  It is a very presumptuous thing that a human being would judge what is in another.  Paul said don't judge before the time, don't judge what is working in somebody's heart--wait.  There is a time coming when the inward secrets and purposes of all our hearts will be revealed, but they are not revealed to human beings now.  In the human family, if there is unfaithfulness in the thoughts, it will come to light.  You read about that same woman in the 21st chapter.  In the 21st chapter, it is a city.  The city refers to what the world and our brethren and what all can see of our lives.  “A city that is set on a hill cannot be hid.”  It is giving light to all on earth.  He says you will be like that.  If you have the inward right--those beatitudes--if you are this, you will be a city set on a hill and that will give light to those around.  That is the part that the world sees and your brethren see.  Jesus said, “Let your light so shine before men that they may see your good works and glorify your Father which is in Heaven.”  It doesn't say you shine by talking and good preaching, but by seeing your good works.  These works, this spirit working in you or your heart, will be your light.  They will see your good works, an outward manifestation that something is in you that will glorify your Father.  It would be easy to have good works to glorify ourselves.  That was the Pharisee idea--blowing the trumpet--when you fast, you want everyone to know you are fasting and when you pray, you want everyone to know.  If you really pray in the spirit of God, God will give you victory over things that people are victim to.  You need not advertise how long you spend on your knees.  You go into the secret place and the outward effects of your praying will be known.  There wouldn't be so much trouble in the world if people were willing to do things and not get the credit for it.  This human nature wants to get credit.  Jesus taught not to be thinking how much you get in the present--people saying how good you are and how generous you are--but to think of what you will get in eternity.  This city shows the part of our life that others see and the world sees.


In the 12th chapter, it tells where this dragon comes from, and who it was that appeared in Heaven.


At the heading of this book, it is called the Revelation of St. John.  That is how man puts it down, but this book says this was the revelation of Jesus Christ which God gave unto Him to show to His servants; and He sent and signified it by His angel unto His servant John.  It says His servant John.  Every true servant is a saint but he is a little more, giving himself completely to the service of the Lord.  He was a saint, but he is not called that.  Some words at the top of the chapters are not reliable.  This revelation came to Jesus Christ and He gave it to the angel and the angel gave it to John.


John saw a door opened into heaven and a voice saying, "Come up hither."  From the 4th chapter on, the Lord is revealing things from the angel to John, things that are happening today and that will be happening in a few years hence.  If we knew what was going on at Headquarters, it might save us from unnecessary concern.  This gives an account of what was going on in heaven.  In the 12th chapter, it tells us that there was war in heaven.  We are not told what time this occurred; it was in eternity and we can't fix it in time.  It tells of the leaders of the two armies at war--the victorious army and the defeated army.  It said Michael led the victorious army.  It tells who the red dragon is; he is the serpent, the devil.  He travels under aliases.  We don't speak of knowing the devil as we do the Lord, but it is good to know about the devil.  It will help us to understand why the earth is in such a terrible condition now.  This dragon was in heaven and he made himself a devil.  God made him an angel, but he made himself a devil.  Jesus said to His disciples, "I chose you twelve to be close to Me, and one of you is a devil."  How did Judas make himself a devil?  He let the devil put a thought in his mind first, and he was naturally covetous, and the devil worked on that.  Judas was a manifestation of the devil when he betrayed the Son of God with a kiss.  A thought about our brethren that would cause hatred and covetousness that could grow until we would be a manifestation of the devil himself.  If you want to know more him, read the 28th chapter of Ezekiel and it will tell what a wonderful person he was; he seemed to be one of the leaders among the angels of heaven, an angel of light until--until iniquity was found in him and he exalted himself.  Haven't you read in Peter and Jude about these angels and where they are today?  And they who believe in them?  We must not be so sure and secure that there is no danger of falling.  The angels who didn't keep their place, iniquity was found in them.  Iniquity is spoken of in connection with those who worked for God and were well pleased with themselves.  Jesus said, "You are just workers of iniquity."  Iniquity was found with the angels.  The devil wasn't satisfied with the best God gave him in heaven, but there was rivalry against the Son of God.  This war went on in heaven and Michael overcame.  We can learn a lot from reading of the weapons the victorious army used.  We can use those same weapons today.  They overcame him by the blood of the Lamb and by the Word of their testimony and they love not their lives unto death.


We might wonder what the blood would mean to the angels.  It was shed from the foundation of the world.  The blood of the Lamb means to us today, that when this enemy gets us down--he is called the accuser of the brethren; that is one of the great works he tried to do in heaven. Remember how he accused Job as a human being, but remember how he accused other angels and accused the brethren day and night before God.  He is cast out, but woe unto the people dwelling on the earth, for he is cast down to the earth, and he brought one-third of his angels with him.  They were reserved in darkness.  There are angels working for him today.  The devil is cast out of heaven today and is trying to do to human beings what he tried to do in heaven.  We see people who suffer a lot from that.  My mind went back to a man in Pennsylvania who wrote letters in terrible distress, and I believe he is a true man, but he says, "I have committed the unpardonable sin."  I went to see him and found him in terrible misery.  He was a very intelligent man, a doctor.  I said, "How did you commit the unpardonable sin?  Don't you know what that sin is?"  I have no doubt what that sin is because Jesus tells what it is and He is 100% correct in everything He said.  Matthew 12 tells us what that sin is, in the 31st verse, “All manner of sin and blasphemy shall be forgiven unto men; but the blasphemy against the Holy Ghost shall not be forgiven unto men.  And whosoever speaketh a word against the Son of Man, it shall be forgiven him; but whosoever speaketh against the Holy Ghost, it shall not be forgiven him, neither in this world, neither in the world to come.”  Every sin that a human being can commit, God will forgive when there is true repentance and godly sorrow, but there is one sin that will not be forgiven and that is the sin against the Holy Spirit, even blasphemy at times, but not blasphemy of the Holy Spirit.  Why did Jesus say that?  Because He was casting out devils and doing miracles and those religious people were getting madder and madder and were so controlled by the devil, they said, "This fellow is casting out devils by the prince of devils--it is the devil in him."  Jesus said, “If I by the spirit of God cast out devils, then the kingdom of God is come nigh to you.”  Jesus never took the credit for this.  He said, "All the words I speak of the words of life are not mine naturally as Mary's son, but the Holy Spirit put those words in My mouth," and Jesus says, "The one that blasphemes against the Holy Spirit, that is the sin unto death."  I said to this man, "You didn't do that?  Have you told anyone that Jesus did those miracles by the power of the devil?"  He said, "No, but thoughts come into my mind."  As the old saying is, you can't hinder someone coming to the door, but you need not let them in.  The blood of the Lamb takes care of that.  John says, “I am writing that you sin not,” but if you do sin, if you do fail, don't give up in despair.  We have an advocate with the Father and He is the propitiation of our sins.  If we walk in the light as He is in the light, the blood of Jesus Christ His Son cleanseth us from all sin.


They overcame by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony.  Some say that John contradicts himself.  He says that he that is born of God cannot sin; yet if you see a brother sin a sin which is not to death, you can pray for him.  There is a sin unto death and a sin not unto death.  God won't forgive that sin unto death.  But if your brother is overtaken in a fault, you can see him restored.  God can't forgive that sin unto death; they are cutting themselves off completely from the benefit of the blood of Christ.  The devil quotes certain scriptures as in Hebrews, “For it is impossible for those who were once enlightened and have tasted of the heavenly gift and were made partakers of the Holy Ghost, and have tasted the good word of God and the powers of the world to come, if they shall fall away, to renew them again unto repentance.”  They take that and say that is me; I knew the truth of God and I let the world overcome me and now it is impossible to repent.  The old serpent uses a verse in Hebrews 10, “For if we sin willfully after that we have received the knowledge of the truth, there remains no more sacrifice for sins,” and they take that unto themselves.  We are all sinners.  We wouldn't do it if our will didn't go with it.  Those verses in the 6th and 10th chapters mean the same thing.  After Pentecost, a great number of Jewish people believed, even the priests believed and many of the Pharisees believed, thousands and thousands, but a great many didn't get a revelation from God.  That is the danger of numbers.  There were the ones that dogged Paul's steps and tried to distort his preaching.  The way the Serpent got them when they began to get a little unpopular and other Jews tried to persecute them, the Serpent says, “You go back to your fathers' custom, and give an animal for sacrifice; you need not be all this unpopular.”  Satan is an angel of light; makes a thing look right that is wrong.  They hadn't got the revelation that that animal was a type of Jesus to teach the people by symbols, but when Jesus shed His blood on Calvary, that did away with all of that, with the sacrifice of dumb animals.  He says, "When you offer them now, you are trampling underfoot the blood of Christ."  Paul said, "I was the chief of sinners because I was keeping the Law of Moses, building up a righteousness of my own."


Jesus said, "If a man speaks against the Son of Man, as a human being, for He loved to call Himself the Son of Man: i.e., I am the embodiment of all that God meant a man to be."  There were very few people He told He was the Son of God.  They wouldn't understand it. But, I am the son of man living the way God meant Him to live--you might find things against Him as the Son of Man that would not be unforgiving.  You can criticize any servant of God (maybe you don't like their accent), but when God tells you what the Holy Spirit says even through His servant, that is the unforgivable sin when you speak against that.  John wrote they could fail; they could come short and need the atoning of the blood.  These are weapons used in this war--weapons we can use today.  The blood of the Lamb, the Lamb of God, was the first testimony God gave.  The whole book of the Hebrews tries to impress that He is the acceptable sacrifice.


They overcame by the blood of the Lamb and by the Word of their testimony.  They gave their testimony when it might bring reproach, and they loved not their lives unto death.  Some people would be willing to be a martyr and die being a great hero.  I would like to play the hero, but I am playing the coward now--not willing to die the dying life.  Those two things put together the word of their testimony, and they loved not their lives unto death.


The other woman with a name so vile (Paul said some things should not be mentioned)--a harlot, like a woman with a faithful husband and she is unfaithful to him.


When that war was in heaven, The Lamb overcame them, and they that were with Him were called chosen, and faithful.  You and I can have a part in this.  We know the gospel has called us; the fact we are chosen is that we have His nature; and the third, that we would be faithful.  When you have armor like that, you will not be a victim.  The war in heaven--that old dragon was cast down to earth and has caused the conditions on earth today.  I read that God is so holy and unselfish. I read we were made in His likeness.  How is it we are so different--so selfish and all things abominable?  The old Serpent's business is to put into your mind that you can be independent of God.  That is how he deceived Eve.  When God asked Adam about what he had done, he more or less put the blame on God by saying that the woman you gave me, she gave me to eat of that fruit.  But Eve just told what happened, “The serpent beguiled me and I did eat.”


In that 12th chapter, while it was something that appeared in Heaven, it took place on earth, and I think it was a picture of what happened at the time that Jesus was born into the world.  The old red dragon was right there when Mary brought Jesus into the world.  He used Herod for that.  But Joseph kept in touch with messages from Heaven, and he was only a common carpenter, but he frustrated Herod.  He couldn't impart that life of the Holy Spirit, but he could perceive itIf we have our hearts right, we learn how to get the messages from Heaven and defeat the devil and all his purposes. From the time Jesus was born, the dragon was there to destroy him.  The Lord preserved Him because He was the Lamb of God and the scripture was to be fulfilled.  You read in this book of Revelation, in this 12th chapter, that the dragon couldn't kill the child brought forth because it was caught up to Heaven.  Jesus was caught up to Heaven, but He is coming to rule with a rod of iron, not by cruelty or severity, but with strength and kindness, like a velvet glove over an iron hand, softness, but strength behind it, not weakness.  When He comes back, He will rule with a rod of iron but with kindness and softness.  This woman that brought forth the man child, she was taken to the wilderness and she was fed in the wilderness.  That shows the place of God's true children on earth today.  They are not getting mixed in with the world today--the parties, etc., no fellowship between them and the world, and they are being fed from heaven.  Farther on, the old Serpent is filled with bitterness toward the woman and wants to destroy her and he casts out a flood of waters to drown the woman.  And God gave the woman the wings of an eagle--strong wings.  He couldn't drown an eagle with strong wings.  Didn't Isaiah say the true child of God will mount up with wings as an eagle?  This is connected with the power through prayer.  And when we cease to pray…one man got the delusion that it wasn't necessary to get down on your knees in the morning and evening; that any praying you do you can do when you are doing the chores, or walking around.  The devil put that in his mind.  And he was teaching others that, and we had to face him up about it.  Every day, a husband and wife in a true relationship with one another, like a little quiet time alone, and when we are fit to be the bride of Christ, we love those little times alone that we can tell Him things and hear what He can say to us, and that is the wings of the eagle.  The Serpent can't get you because you rise above that.


When the Serpent couldn't kill the man child that was caught up to heaven, it declared war against the seed of the woman.  And that is where we are today; we are that seed.  What God said to Eve about the Serpent, for He seemed to have admiration for Eve, Eve gave the Lord a wonderful answer, “The Serpent beguiled me, fooled me, and deceived me.”  When you see anyone young or old and they tell me if I could get this or that, I would be happy--but she knew who to blame.  When the Lord told her the suffering that would come to her and the place she would have, He also gave her comfort. He told her the Lord would use a woman to bring someone into the world that will be the Master of that old Serpent.  Hasn't that been fulfilled?  He overcame the devil when He was here.  He said He would bring someone into the world to bruise his head.  It is out of the mouth that the poison comes from the old Serpent--false doctrine.  If we are listening to Jesus, He is bruising that.  He gives you something to tell you that it is not of God even though it is religious.  But the Serpent will bruise his heel.  God in His wisdom has permitted that the Serpent would have a certain amount of power to harass us.  It tells that the dragon was wroth with the woman and went to make war with her seed which keep the commandments of God, and have the testimony of Jesus Christ.  He has stirred up strife in the world, but he is especially interested in those that are keeping the commandments of God, seeking to be worthy to be the bride of Christ, living as espoused to Him.  The marriage hasn't taken place yet, but we are looking forward to the marriage.


He will bruise his heel.  The Lord has a purpose in letting the old Serpent do that.  The Lord permitted him to go only so far with Job and he came out a victor.  If we could realize what is going on in the unseen word…Satan asked the Lord for a chance to prove Job would be unfaithful to Him.  There are terrible ways the Serpent comes to you through unbelief, or making money, covetousness, some place in the political world or the business world.  The heel is the part of our body that we touch the earth with.  The Lord has given him the power to bruise the heel and make it hard for you to live in this world with others--temptations at work--the temptations that Jesus had in the wilderness.  Bread for your body is important, but there is something more important than that.  Job said he esteemed the words of his mouth more than food for his body.  When we seek the Lord and if our hearts, minds, and spirits are right, He will bring something to your mind from this Book, or maybe He will overrule that someone else could speak something to help us.  There is no discharge in this war.  You may think you can have terms of peace with this enemy, but there is no possibility of any peace in this war as long as you are in this body, and maybe it will grow harder as you grow older because your physical strength may be decreasing.  (Down in Alabama, a woman over 90 was saying that "an old, frail, worn-out person like me, he is after me worse than ever, troubling me with doubts, fears and unbelief.")  As long as you are in this body, he will never give up hope, and the Lord is permitting this--and it might cause us to feel our need more.  Jesus said, "Men ought always to pray," and He gives the illustration of the woman who went to the unjust judge, and He says, “How much more will God avenge His own elect which cry unto Him day and night though He bear long with them?  He will avenge them speedily.”  He will avenge them quickly, even though it seems long, but it is really quickly.  There will be a day when the devil will be in the pit.


The 19th chapter tells about the true bride.  When terrible things are happening on the earth, the old Serpent with his armies will be there and there will be great rejoicing in heaven then, for the bride will be making herself ready for the marriage feast.  It tells about the clothes she will be wearing.  She will be wearing fine white linen, pure and clean, a type of the righteousness of the saints.  There are some religious people and they do emphasize the true righteous acts they do.  The wise speak wisdom, the foolish speak folly.  Those that have the righteousness of Christ are giving an outward manifestation.  You can't separate between the three persons in the trinity because they are all one.  They are used in this language to help our finite minds to understand Christ, the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.  The Holy Spirit suggests what a mother does for her children.  He says, "When they put me on the cross, I will send the Holy Spirit, and He will be in you, teaching you, comforting you, and will be all that a mother could be to you.  He can be closer to you than I can be in the flesh."  God has made us in three parts, too.  We say it is the body, soul, and the spirit.  The Bible says sanctify spirit, soul, and body.  The spirit is the part that God breathed in.  You can't separate them.  (There is a story about a Scots magistrate who made a wise decision.  A man brought before him was accused of beating his wife.  The magistrate knew the man and knew how religious he was, and said to him, "'How could you--a man so religious, be guilty of beating your wife like that?"  "Oh," he said, "That is not the spirit.  That is just the flesh.  That is covered by the blood because the spirit is right with God."  The magistrate said, "Well, we will just decide to send the flesh to jail for a month, and the spirit can go home."  Well, we can't separate them.  If the spirit is wrong, then everything goes wrong.


Some of us grew up where they grow the flax that makes fine linen.  The flax that makes the fine linen in pulled up by the roots, and it has to be soaked until the inside rots, and then it goes through a lot of processing before it becomes fine white linen.  I like to take it as a type of what Jesus did for us, like mortifying these human desires and appetites.  The fine white linen pure and clean, that is the garment worn by the bride.


The 17th chapter tells about the other woman.  The 18th verse is a type of a city, “And the woman thou sawest is that great city which reigneth over the kings of the earth.”  The angel took John into the wilderness.  The true woman was in the wilderness.  This other woman was in the wilderness too, but she was very different for she was arrayed in purple and scarlet, the colors that ruling people wore.  She was sitting on a beast and the beast had the same clothes she had.  Who is that woman?  That is the great city of Babylon, the false religions of the world, an imitation of the true.  Babylon has caused the confusion in the world.  There are 27 or 28 kinds of Baptists.  The Lord confuses those thoughts because they are not willing to believe in the true thing.  People are very anxious to have peace on earth, but not fine linen--righteousnessGod's true children today are not talking about their own righteousness and their own goodness.  I used to be proud of the righteousness I had.  I made the garment myself and I was proud of it, but when I got the true righteousness, I saw how filthy it was.  Paul said, “In my flesh dwells no good thing.”  We think he was a fine man humanly, but there was no good thing in the sight of God.  I kept the law, but had nothing good in me.  It is what we have in Christ.  (We heard about a saint in another land and he and his wife decided. They had children. Sometime later they had to move and in this new part there were a lot of religious people.  They thought they had a new member.  He tried to have a little meeting in his own home, and they got worse than an outward sinner and had nothing to do with him.  After a time, one of those men had to have some business dealings with him, and he said, “We people have learned to like you--you are a good neighbor, willing to help us, and a good citizen, but we do hate that religion you have.”  Our friend said, “This religion that you hate is what has made me a good neighbor and citizen, and if you would go back to where I used to live, you would find I wasn't so good.")  That is an example--I am not taking any credit--all I have is what Christ has done in me.  The mark of a true Jew is one that has no confidence in the flesh, but glories in Christ that came to live in the heart and left us an example and taught us these wonderful truths, not any praise to ourselves.  A true servant of God doesn't talk about who decided in their meetings; they know it was the Holy Spirit that was doing the principal work--teaching them what to say, and they know you would not come into this kingdom at all by their preaching if it hadn't been the Holy Spirit working on you.  When the Holy Spirit is come, He will convict the world because they don't believe in Me.  He says, "You, too, will be My witnesses and the Holy Spirit will back up what you are saying."  Isn't that what brought you into the kingdom of God?  Something touched you and troubled you because they were preaching Jesus and the Holy Spirit will always back that up.  It is that that brings you into all truth.


Revelation 17 speaks of that other woman sitting on the beast with the marks of ruling.  What is that beast?  That beast represents the rulers of this world.  Those horns represent beasts.  And the woman sitting upon the beasts, controlling the beasts, they are the best of friends, dressed in the same way.  Isn't that a picture of the false churches today?  This country started out to be a separate church and state, but it wasn't long before the church was controlling the government and they have made a sorry mess of it.  First they had to get a prohibition law and that was a wonderful victory!  What did they do to make the world better?  Then they were rejoicing that the woman could get the vote because after that everything would be straight and clean.  All their efforts have failed.


I grew up in that false religion.  Maybe it means more to me.  When I was 11 years of age, there were deep impressions made on my mind by my mother's death, and I had many serious thoughts at that age.  Most of all was the thought of where would I be if I died?  I had learned enough then that I wasn't fit for heaven.  I went up and professed in one of the revivals in that church, and it was an awful disappointment to realize that I am not any different.  Some young ones who stand up in convention and don't have an understanding from the Lord are in a difficult position.  When I was 15, they had revivals.  I thought the last time, "I didn't get anything, but I am determined to get something now," and for awhile I did seem to have something, but inside of a year, when I was 16 and before I was 17, I was terribly troubled along two different lines.  I read the New Testament, the words of Jesus, and this great denomination that was so proud of its numbers and wealth, it is not like this that I read, and I searched for those that were more like the New Testament, and for some that didn't do but for others it did, but what hindered me was they were just as greedy and covetous.  When I was 21, I suffered to know if there wasn't something like the New Testament preachers, for these preachers were living in fine homes.  But what worried me most was about myself--I didn't have what I read either; I didn't have the love of God, that love for other people.  I realized the older I was getting, the more I was getting to love the world. I was encouraged along that line, actually two lines.  A man who was a great preacher became the Lord Mayor of London, and he told me if I would just become a preacher that I could be like him.


During that time they got me to be a preacher, then a lay preacher, and they showed me the advantages.  They said, “If you become a preacher in this denomination, you may not make as much money, but look at the high position you will have!  You would be called Reverend, you know.”  Somehow that didn't appeal to me for I had read so much about Peter and Paul, so when I was 21, the Lord in His providence and mercy brought me in touch with people.  I was supposed to preach to these people, but I learned something from them that made me feel I don't want to preach to them.  They told me how they became saved.  The man I spent the night with said, “I was working on my farm today and the thought came to my mind, if the Lord wanted me to sell this farm and give away the money and preach like the apostles did, would I be willing to do it?”  He didn't say that he would be willing.  Instead he said to me, “Well that is foolishness.  I never heard of such a thing as that!”  That made an impression on me.  Well, we had to make up sermons in the Methodist church.  I had one on the rich young ruler, and I would get some compliments from that sermon.  But when I was alone, there was a voice saying, “You are not telling all.  I never heard of anybody doing that.”  I emphasized one thing that I liked--the love of God.  But when it came to “sell all,” I never heard of anyone doing it.  Would that be possible?  Would that be the right way?  I came back later and got a good deal more the second time alone and I left that home on Easter Monday, 77 years ago, and sat on that train alone and there was a voice speaking.  The compartments were filled with other passengers, and it being a holiday it was noisy, but I was not hearing anything others were saying.  Here I was professing to be a Christian for five years or more, and I am more swallowed up with what is in the world, but when I come to the close of life, how will I meet God? I thought of what would bring great popularity.  My own father was doing a little preaching himself and what a disappointment it was to him!  I thought of the business I was in, some things not exactly straight.  It would bring trouble with your closest relatives; it would make you a very odd person.  Some things were getting clearer.  It would be hard to fall out with my natural father who had been so good to me, but on the Judgment Day, if he would be living, he could do nothing for me. I didn't like the thought of facing God like that.  I saw the hard side--losing your job maybe, and the popularity, the hardness.  But it was the thought of eternity that was upon me.  There was another world. No matter how long you live in this world, there is another world, and amongst that crowd on that holiday, there was that in my heart, "I will surrender to Thee and trust You for whatever it means.  I don't know what it means, but I am willing and I will trust You to give me the strength."  I had the feeling, "Will I feel different the next morning about it?"  I had the greatest joy, there was the desire to do the Lord's will.  One love killed the other.  I don't say I was perfect after that, but before this century came, and away back 76 years ago I was fighting a battle of making another decision.  That was to go out and live as the apostles lived.  I listened to a man speaking of Peter in a small meeting and thought maybe I could be like Peter.  I wasn't filled with the thought that I could be as perfect as Jesus, but like those who followed Him.  I told the Lord I was willing 76 years ago.  When I told my father and others, they said, "It was crazy; it couldn't be done; you will die of starvation; you couldn't preach without a salary."  I have been trying it for 76 years.  What Jesus said, it can be done.  He has supplied the temporal needs and given me the strength to continue.  Wouldn't that help you to trust the future?  It wasn't long until the old Serpent was saying  you will never be much a preacher, but another little voice said, even if that is true, "If you live as you have begun now, you will have proved to honest people that know you that God's word can be depended upon, no matter how few they are."


I want to be buried at the least possible expense at the nearest convenient place, and I don't want anyone speaking an eulogy; all I want you to say is, “The one lying there believed in Jesus and put Him to the test, and the Lord enabled him to keep on.”  You can say that, but not glorify me humanly.


This woman was set on the beast and controlling the beast, the way the false religions of the world have always tried to control the secular governments.  While I became unpopular in the world too, there came a peace.  I could see I spent those years of my life like a person lost in the woods.   Now someone has come and told you how to get out of the woods and put you on the right road.  I am on that road now and I can see it will go where I want to go to.  The devil has never been able to shake that confidence.  There have been dark times and some defeats, but never have I doubted being on the right road.  As I was traveling even these days in a car, I have the kind of disposition that told me I was not on the right road.  Is this love of God getting stronger?  When we turn from that, we are getting off the road.  Finding an easier way?  Even Solomon, wonderful man that he was, allowed the influence of those women to sway him to go in for other gods.  God doesn't stand for that.  When God gave Moses the commandments of that law, Hhe said, “I am the Lord thy God; thou shalt have no other gods before Me.”  It is the same for us today.  Jesus said, "No man can be My disciple if he doesn't love Me more than father, mother, sister, wife, children, or lands, even his own life also."  Those seem like rough words.  Jesus' purpose was that one that becomes My disciple will become My bride.  A foolish man only marries a girl that he knows puts her own relations before him.  That prayer that Jesus prayed in John 17 was that He wanted those disciples to be knit together as close as husband and wife, and maybe even closer.


When God's time comes, He is going to put it into the heart of the beast to hate the woman, the one that had been so close.  The great city--organized false religions of the world--will be destroyed.  Its great cathedrals and seminaries will all be destroyed and it gives the message, “Come out of her, My people.  If you stay there, you will be a partaker of her sins, and if you do, you will partake of her plagues, too."  They make a great deal of all the outward marks they have, the numbers of people.  There is a poem, I don't know the author, but the last line of each verse was the same, “Where have we anyone that resembles the lowly man of Galilee?”  It is like Paul wrote; there is a groaning for the manifestation of the sons of God.  I hope we will become more like Jesus and have a sure hope.