George Walker - Dry Prong, Louisiana Special Meeting - February 1, 1952

One verse that is familiar to all of you that has been impressing on my mind much these weeks past:  I Corinthians 15 the last verse - "Therefore, my beloved brethren, be ye steadfast, unmovable, always abounding in the work of the Lord, forasmuch as ye know that your labor is not in vain in the Lord."  A good many of our oldest friends have been called home in recent months - some that we have been closely associated with in past years fellow-workers that were valuable helpers in God's way, brothers, companions.  Maybe these friends being callers home has made us think a little more of what we can expect after death.  Some think we shouldn't think about the hereafter, but thinking about it helps us to live right in the present.  On account of these being called home and our speaking at the funerals caused our mind to turn to some of these verses of what is beyond the grave and what does our faith mean to us.  I would advise you to read this 15th chapter of I Corinthians.  Seemed that some had come among these people and put doubts in their minds about a resurrection.  Trying to make these people believe there would be no resurrection - no hereafter.  Paul said that if Christ didn't rise from the dead then we are false witnesses and. says if there is no resurrection why we might as well eat and drink, etc.  It seems you know that in those days and in our days too, people don't like to think of a resurrection.  When Paul preached at Athens and told them about a resurrection, some mocked.  They like to think that just this life and nothing to face hereafter.  There is something in the human heart that tells them there is a hereafter.  You can travel in any part of this world where there is no Bible and you will find that in those peoples' minds and hearts there is some conviction that there is something after death.  You will find that those people will torture their bodies, etc., to get their sins forgiven.  I was traveling with a man and he was trying to make himself think that that was like fakers - trying to put something over on him.  I told him that God put that in the human heart when He made them.  Something tells them that, ”I have sinned,"  "I have done wrong and I will have to suffer hereafter."  I enjoyed sometime ago when I was going to a funeral - that verse came into my mind in Hebrews that tells about Jesus coming here and taking on Him a body like ours.  He tasted of death that He might deliver those who through all their life time were held in bondage, etc.  First of all it says that He might destroy him that held them in bondage.  A kind of shadow hanging over you all your life, held in bondage because of fear of death.  Jesus came and tasted death and delivered us.  Have we been delivered to understand that?  What makes death the dread? The sting of death is sin. When there is a sting in anything you are afraid of it.  If there wasn't a sting in a hornet you wouldn't be afraid of it. Thanks be unto God who has given us the victory over taken the sting out of death.  Jesus tasted death, shed His precious blood and through this made it possible for us to be forgiven that sin. You and I can have this confidence that God is able and willing for Christ's sake to forgive and that God looks at you through that blood if we are walking in the Light.  That is a comforting thing as I look into the future realizing that I can be delivered from the fear of death, not that I am self-righteous, but because of His blood that was shed on the cross God can look on my garment that is clean.


One of my friends before they died was talking to a sister Worker.  They were very weak and mind tired.  Said,  "I have been so worn and tired that I could hardly put my thoughts together to pray but one day when I was so tired this came to me, 'I am now a Child of God; Christ redeemed me as His own.' That was just like a message - not that I deserve anything, but because I heard His Gospel and received it and Christ came in, etc., now I am a Child of God.”  Doesn't that take away the sting of death?  I know I have a lot of things to be ashamed of but I am a Child of God. When I have failed as these people in the Bible failed, I have sought for forgiveness, etc.  That will deliver us from the fear of death.  Another fear of death is taken away when we see Jesus and what He went through.  Another verse that came to my mind was when Paul wrote to Timothy that Christ brought life and immortality to light through the Gospel.  Now in this chapter in Corinthians it gives more details and tells us what we have a right to expect.  He gave us the earthly body first.  Flesh and blood cannot inherit the Kingdom of Heaven.  That has two meanings, by my flesh and. blood - what my flesh and. blood would teach me that wouldn't make me a Child of God.  I would have to get a new birth - get a revelation.  This old body couldn’t go into Heaven.  50th verse you can read of this new body.   Shows a mystery of what will happen if we should be living when He comes again.  We often feel like saying those words in the last verse of the Bible:  "Come quickly. even so, Lord Jesus, come quickly."    What will happen when He returns?  He says: "We will be changed, in a moment, in the twinkling of an eye.“ We will not have to die at all and will be given that new body.  Same kind of body that Jesus had when He rose from the dead.  Suppose you die before He does come and your body put in the grave - it will not be me nor you that is put in the grave. We were singing that hymn, ”Alone with God." One line I do not like - I won't sing it:  "When I shall sleep beneath the sod."  When God does come this thing that is in us - the spirit – It goes back to Him. If we are a Child of God the spirit goes back to be with Christ.  We will not be beneath the sod.  We will have gone to be with Christ which is far better. But if we don't know Him we will go to the other place.  I sometimes tell my friends I don't want them to make much fuss when I go.  If  I had no choice where to end my days, it would be somewhere where not many knew me. We know that people do it for love. The last funeral I was at the undertaker came and religious people and the clergy and on the way home the undertaker said: "I never saw anything like that." He said, “I have been to large funerals and one where thousands of people were.  I never saw such love shown.“  Not because the old body is there but the love for the one that is gone.

It is not so much for what is done here but what we will enjoy there.  He says, "If you do die and the body is put in the grave and when Jesus comes that will be raised.  The one will be changed, in a moment and the other will be brought out of the grave and caught up together."

Some say what kind of body will they get?  One person that was cremated or one blown to bits.  He said, ”Oh foolish people.  Don't you know that if you put a seed in the ground," etc.  If it is corn, it is a stalk.  God gives it a body.  These old bodies of ours that die they are sown in dishonor, sown in the dust, but God will raise them up an immortal body.  It doesn't say that these new bodies will have blood in them.  Remember when Jesus rose from the dead, the woman in the garden didn't hardly recognize Him. Those on the road to Emmaus didn't recognize Him, etc. He put out His hand - does the body have flesh and bones? He wasn't subject to the laws of this body.  What causes us the most trouble?  It is that blood.  Human 1ife is in the blood.  We hear people say:  "It runs in the blood."  All these things that give us our peculiarities. These things are inherited; these tendencies whatever they might be; these things as it were are in the blood.  The new body won't have the flesh and blood.  It will be fashioned like unto His glorious body.  I notice that in reading the New Testament it wasn't only the Children of God like Paul and others - it wasn't only that in dwelling Christ, but he had truths fastened on him and in the darkest hours these came to him.  Got hold of that truth that in the resurrection there is going to be rewards, etc.  "Be ye steadfast, unmovable, always abounding." I am fully convinced in my heart and mind that there will be a resurrection and that there will be rewards. I want to be steadfast in my faith. I will use everything. The devil will use everything - the failures of others.  I am going to hold to that.  I have found in later years very helpful to get just a little short sentence that I know is a truth and hang on to that.  Sometime ago I found that little truth: "Truly God is good." If things come, tests, etc, I will hold on to that truth - "Truly God is good." Don't let the devi1 rob you of' truths. It is worthwhile to be steadfast.  Abounding means "flowing over" in the work of the Lord.  All have a part in the work of the Lord.  As you live in your home you can be abounding in the work of the Lord.  God is not unmindful to forget your labor of love. You can abound in the work of the Lord by having your home encouraging the servants.  Many times we have been tempted to think it is in vain and we may be getting weary in well doing.  Sometimes when you are in your home you may think it isn't worth while   Think how much it means.  Think of places where there are conventions, etc.  It might seem what is there to it?  People say there is nothing in it.   If they only knew how many hearts have been comforted and encouraged to fight the battle by the things they got there.  After some of us get near to the end of the journey it is coming closer to us that it is not in vain to be abounding, doing your best in your home - it is not in vain in one Lord to sow the seed.  I hope we will all have grace to always be steadfast, unmovable always abounding in the work of the Lord.


Hymn 316

(Just a few of the thoughts that Hubert Childers expressed - there were many more) Galatians.  At the close of the meeting and the close of the day, there is a verse that is coming to my mind:  "I am crucified with Christ nevertheless I live yet not I, but Christ liveth in me; and. the life which I now live in the flesh I live by the faith of the Son of God., who loved me and gave Himself for me.” I would like that that would be my experience - to be crucified with Christ - the power and the influence that instilled the nails in the hands and feet of my Master that the same would crucify me – that I might be willing for that to be nailed to the cross.  “I live, yet not I, but Christ liveth in me.”  I would like that everything that Jesus loved and lived for would live in me: that I would give it room and place in this life of mine.