George Walker - How God Feels Toward Us About Morning Prayer

You don't have to be clever to please Me, all you have to do is want to love Me. Just speak to Me as you would to anyone of whom you are very fond. 

Are there any people you are concerned for? Just say their name to Me and ask as much of Me as you like. I am generous, and know all their needs, but I want you to show your love for them and Me, by trusting Me to do what I know to be best. 

Tell Me about the poor, the sick, the suffering, the sinners and, if you have lost friendship or affection of anyone, tell Me about it, too. 

Is there anything you want for your soul? If you like, you can write out a list of all and come and read it to Me. Just tell Me about your pride, your tenderness, self-centeredness, prejudice, and laziness. Do not be ashamed, there are many saints in Heaven too, who had the same faults as you. They talked to Me about them and, little by little, their faults were corrected.

What is it you need today? Tell Me, for I long to do you good.

What are your plans? You'll discover as you share your deepest thoughts and feelings with Me that we will become closer friends than you ever dreamed possible.
Don't you want to do anything for Me?

Don't you want to do a little good for the souls of your friends who perhaps have forgotten Me?

Tell Me about your failures, and I will show you the cause of them.

What are your worries? Who has caused you pain? Tell Me about it and that you will forgive and forget and I will bless you.

Well, you go along now and get on with your work. Try to be more thoughtful of others you meet, and come back and share the days experiences with Me. Then, I can give you a better start for tomorrow.