George Walker - North Hatley, Quebec, Canada Convention - Friday Morning, July 3, 1936

Psalm 30, this Psalm was written at the dedication of the house of God.  This Psalm was David’s thoughts.  Sometimes we wouldn’t like people to know our thoughts.  What secret have some people in getting victory, the greatest secret is secret fellowship with God.  This Psalm may be a pattern to show what each child is passing through.  God has not intended that we should get glory in his Way.  David had a craving for the fellowship of God.  If we don’t have this, we have just the empty shell.  Jesus prayed on the mountain where he could be alone with God.  Life eternal is fellowship with God.  There is something in human nature which seems to long for a higher fellowship.  Animals even feel the need of a higher fellowship.  They long for the fellowship of man.  A dog or horse love their masters.  The true people of God’s family are the ones who crave his touch and won’t be satisfied without it.  David was a king with much on his mind; many duties to attend to.  Yet he had time to spend with God and got victory in his life.  He was a man after God’s own heart.


Material things:  Don’t think too much of these things.  David wasn’t selfish.  We should think of what we could do to help others to enjoy.  A true child of God not only thinks of what God has prepared for us, but he also thinks of trying to have a fit dwelling place in our hearts for God.  Make Him feel at home.  God doesn’t beg any of us.  He wants us to have a willing heart.  David could not build the temple himself, but he made it possible for his son Solomon to do so.  Sometimes we can’t do things ourselves, but we can perhaps help our children to do it.  Prayer first, then praise.  Disease in body is not as dangerous as disease of the soul.  The best doctors in a natural way are the ones who remove the cause…same in spiritual way.  Some diseases of soul are doubts, fears, unbelief, hatred, selfishness, envy.  The cure is getting to the fountain of life.  David felt he was nearly overcome at times and he praised God he was saved from this.  Every child will know of the night or dark experience.  He tests us in this Way.  This is the time that means more to me to be true.  It means more to God to have us true then.  If we could get a glimpse of the morning we would be more willing for the suffering.  We have to pay the price before we get anything for the meeting.  Don’t go to extremes in God’s Way.  Don’t think some are perfect and don’t think because some have failed that God’s Way is all wrong. 

Psalm 31, sometimes when a person is sick in body, the doctor will say, "If the heart will hold out, they will be all right."  The same is true in the Spiritual.  How can we strengthen our hearts spiritually?  Wait on the Lord.  Truly pray alone. 

Psalms 31, 56, 57, 142, 34.  Psalm 34, this is a testimony.  They were written after he killed the Philistine and he ran away.  He was just about going to join in with the Philistines after killing the giant, but God knew it was just a weakness of the moment and he saved him from doing this because his purpose was true.

Psalm 35, we can give evil for evil.  We can give good for evil, or we can give evil for good.  This is devilish.  Verse 20, don’t interfere in things.  Be the quiet of the land.  Study to be quiet.  Have the meek and quiet spirit.  Don’t say too much to unsaved people. 

Psalm 37 is a great tonic when the devil tries to tell you the wicked are the most prosperous.  Anyone who reads this Psalm carefully and prayerfully can’t help but be comforted.