George Walker - Philadelphia Special Meeting - April 22, 1979

The last two weeks I've had pictures in my mind of what was said to His disciples that last night. They have been like a guideline to me through the years. When I was in school, we had a copy book with every letter written perfectly. We were to look at the perfect letters and copy them. The first line would be a pretty bad imitation. After copying it several times, the last line would be looking more like the perfect line. Keep our eyes on the light.


One woman asked, "Will the sins of the past, the time be­fore I heard the truth, all be brought up on that day when I stand before the Lord?" I could give her a Bible answer for that. When we turned to God, He forgave us and the past He remembers no more. Then she asked, "What about the sins since I began to serve the Lord?" I had a Bible answer for that. His blood cleanses from all sin. He is the propitiation for our sins. He made atonement to God and God loves to forgive.


John 13 tells what was in the mind of Jesus - knowing He came from God and knowing He would soon return to God. No way to get a bride out of the human family but to go to the cross. Knowing this, He got ready to wash His disciples' feet - made Himself the servant instead of the master. Other great leaders have taken swords. Jesus took a towel. What we do can add weight to our words. They that have taken a bath don't need to wash the body again but the feet are in touch with the earth. There was a little of this defilement human nature brings - who shall be the greatest? The spirit of the whole world is - I want to get. The spirit of Jesus- I want to give. Give yourself, give love, give kindness. God has put some­thing good in human beings - if I'm given something, I want to give. If I’m loved, I want to love. He first loved us. Love begets love. Give to those who can't give back to you.


"The most we have in the Bible of Jesus is His example as preacher. Over one hundred years ago, a Mr. Shelton, a preacher, wrote a book, "In His steps or What Would Jesus Do.” In this book he wrote about what Jesus would do if He was in different positions in this world. One was, what Jesus would do if He was the newspaper editor? The editor said, "Mr. Shelton, you write of all that Jesus wouldn't do. It wouldn’t be out of line for a newspaper editor to write about what Jesus would do if He was a preacher."


Jesus said, "Ye are not all clean," meaning Judas was not clean. Judas harbored something in his heart from the beginning. When the eye is not single, the whole body is dark. Afterwards Judas saw and when he realized he had betrayed innocent blood, he couldn't live. In chapter 14, three of the apostles asked questions. Thomas asked, "How can we know the way?" The answer - I am a living example, living manifestation. Philip said, "Shew us the Father." Jesus answered, "Have I been so long time with you and yet hast thou not known Me." Jesus gave a living manifestation of the Father. Judas, not Iscariot, asked, "How is it that Thou wilt manifest Thy­self unto us and not unto the world?" Maybe Judas had the thought this would be a great time to show the world something. Jesus manifested Himself to those who loved Him. You can't open your heart to those who do not love you. Jesus could open His heart to those who loved Him. Abide in the vine. "Without Me, ye can do nothing." If I cease to abide now, all my efforts to help others will be in vain. You will wither up like that branch. Twice He commanded, "Love one another." Jesus told them, "Ask of My Father." I don't need to pray to the Father for you. The Father Himself loves you.


Our hearts and minds is God's dwelling place. We don't need to worry about the coming generations. Live right in our generation.


**NOTE: George Walker was born 2/12/1877 and died 11/6/81, age 104 years, 8 months 25 days.  He spoke the above when he was 102 years old.