George Walker - Picton Convention - Friday Morning, June 23, 1950

1 Corinthians, Paul had joy in writing to many of the people of the different churches, but, in this book, he had great sorrow.  The people in God’s true way are not all perfect.  The worst man that ever lived on earth was in God’s way (Judas).  The most important thing is what we are in ourselves before God.  God’s way is right because we seek to follow after Jesus, not because everyone in the way is perfect – they’re not.  It is a great help to us to look to the goodness, mercy, grace, and kindness of God, but it is also good to look on ourselves.  What would produce the worst thing of all in us is when we start looking on the failures and faults of others.  If our mind is looking on the word of God, it will be well for us and will have a good effect on us.  We make no progress if we take an  unhealthy interest in the way.


In these two letters that Paul wrote, we see a picture of Paul himself.  He makes strong statements about himself in order to stir up the people to whom he was writing.


It is not in human nature to keep on loving those that don’t love us.  “The more I love you the less I will be loved.”  It is not a good thing to measure ourselves by how many people love us, but by how much we have loved.


1 Corinthians 8 and 9, “This I do for the gospel’s sake.”  “For His name's sake.”  Look up the phrases in the Bible that mention this.  It is a great thing to value the name of God.  How many things have I done for the gospel’s sake?  How many things have I not done for the gospel’s sake?  What did I not do because I was thinking of the gospel?  Paul said that if I knew that something I was doing would stumble someone else, I would never do it again.  Are we like this?


Men that are in training for sports (racing, boxing, wrestling, etc.) have to do without many things - many kinds of food - in order to win in the race and to gain the crown.  Do we eat things that would hinder us from winning the race in which we are running?  Do we keep the desires and appetites of human nature under?  “Whatsoever you do, do to the glory of God.”  The learning to say “No” is what gives strength.


“If any man boast, let him boast in the Lord.”  All that we have comes from the Lord.  We shouldn’t tell others what they have to do without taking the piece that we have to do ourselves.  Do we see someone that fails and use them to make excuses for our failures?  Those that talk about the failures of others are not in a very healthy condition themselves.


No one will ever be a loser for what they suffer “for the gospel's sake.”  The world today wants to see something lived and something manifested – very practical.  Don’t worry about whether anyone should tell the workers about any of us, but make sure that there is nothing for anyone to tell.


We can be in God’s way, but have a mind that is more carnal than spiritual (more like the minds of those of the outside world).


The world can say that they got saved by reading the Bible, or got something direct from heaven, but just ask them to show you someone in the New Testament that got saved like that.  This is the worst form of spiritual pride that has ever been known.


1 Corinthians 3:21, Paul wanted to be looked on as a channel, not to be gloried in as a man.  All the servants of God are ours to be a channel for us and to be a help to us regardless of how they preach to us.


It is the love of God that makes us value the truth today.