George Walker - Visions - North Hatley, Quebec, Canada Convention - Sunday Morning, July 5, 1936

Ezekiel had the vision over and over again, like the vision I got of Jesus when I first decided.  It’s nice to have that vision come back.  It makes it dear to us.  We didn’t have that vision when we were living for the world.  When we make our choice, we get a vision of a despised Jesus; reproached; not popular; a picture of Jesus lowly; suffering. 

When I went to preach, I got that same vision.  They tell us that Peter was crucified with his head down.  Proverbs 3, Solomon had a nice vision of the things his father taught him.  Paul could remind Timothy how valuable his Mother’s and Grandmother’s testimony was to him.  David was with sheep and what he was in natural he was in spiritual.  He was one of God’s sheep. 

When we get saved, we have the sheep nature.  Do we value this nature?  Quiet of the land.  A sheep is quiet, even when its life is being taken.  We shouldn’t fight, even although they would fleece us.  We should be careful to protect Christ life even in business. 

David had made a mistake and went and numbered the people, but he said, "Let us fall into the hands of God."  Everything David got he had to fight for it.  It’s a continual fighting the battle or else we fail.  The house of Saul stood for everything bigger and important.  The house of David is the contrite, broken spirit. 

Gold is a type of God.  Brass is a type of the human. 

Proverbs 3, let not mercy and truth forsake thee.  Don’t get unmerciful, or don’t mind helping others. Try and help them.  Mercy and truth joined together.  It’s only when we are willing for the truth that God has mercy on us.  Write the things of God upon our hearts.  If we have mercy and truth, we’ll have favour and understanding.  Be not wise in our own eyes.  In the New Testament, we give ourselves and when we give ourselves, we give all that we have. 

The Lord should have the first part of our day.  Honor God with our substance.  Despise not the chastening of the Lord.  The wise son or wise woman or bride of Christ is building up others in God’s Kingdom; the foolish woman was just discouraged.  Read James.  The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom and comes down from above.  We can’t take this wisdom home from convention.  We must get it by living in fellowship with God.