Georgetown, Texas Convention Gems - 2011

When we shop for an item, if we do not use all of it, sometimes we are disappointed. Do you realize the disappointment Christ feels when our lives are not utilized for His will? Why do we limit the work God has in mind for us?

All the victories of the past we appreciate, but they do not mean anything today. We need victory today!

We tend to have strong opinions about our passions, but are they God's opinions? Do they contain Godly conviction?

Do not allow your human burdens to affect your heavenly perspective.

We want to have a spirit of forgiveness even when others do not have a spirit of repentance.

Do not keep of a record of right and wrong; it hurts your spirit and creates a wedge, which is exactly what Satan wants, to push you further away from Christ.

It is your responsibility to pray for others, including your enemies!

Humility is the fashion of heaven. Why should we be any different?

The most important treasure is the eternal treasure we can claim even after the world passes away. Sometimes we can get so caught up with the form, the rules, the culture, the hymns, how to dress, whether dress pants, jeans, stockings, bare feet, etc. We need to stop looking at the form and keep focused on the treasure. If we get too caught up in the form or the traditions, we will miss Jesus. Remember, focus on what really matters, those things that cannot be taken away. Remember, Jesus is the way.

We want to fall in love with Jesus and lay claim to Him.

We don't know what the future holds, and that is okay, because God's love is full of assurance.

There will not be an unforgiving person in Heaven.

Mercy is not a license to sin. Psalms 85 and 89 = Mercy and Truth met together.

Baptism is not a conforming of our life; it is the death of our human nature. As professing is likened to our engagement, baptism is likened unto a marriage; settle your commitment in your heart now and forever.

You can have a lot of days after a killing frost, but the damage is already done.

Bitterness, like gangrene, works slow and will continue to rob you of your thoughts, fears, faith, heart, and finally, your soul. The scary thing to remember, it starts out small but will eventually consume you, if you allow it to.

God's spirit has no language barrier.

When we feel a situation with our brother has gone wrong, take it to God first and ask for direction.