Gerhard Tersteegen - Poem - John 3:16

Let, o soul, the sign and wonder of all ages see

Christ Thy God, The King of Glory, on the cross for thee.

From the Father’s bosom came,

Wandering soul, to bring thee home,

Wouldst thou know if Jesus loves thee?

If He loves thee well?

See Him suffer, brokenhearted, all the pain of hell

Smitten, bearing in thy room

All thy guilt, and all thy doom.

See Him of His God forsaken, hear His bitter cries

Rise, unanswered, through the darkness of silent skies.

See the fountain of His blood, shed to bring thee back to God.

Mine the sin, O Mighty Savior, laid by God on Thee,

Mine eternal condemnation in Thy cross I see

In Thine agony divine, see the curse that also was mine.

Thine the conquest and the triumph, Thou for me hast won,

Justice satisfied forever, all God’s pleasure done.

Thus, O Smitten Rock from Thee

Life eternal flows to me.

Unto me the base, the guilty, flows the living flood.

I, Thine enemy, am ransomed by Thy precious blood

Silent at Thy feet I lie, lost in love’s immensity.

This poem was written by Gerhard Tersteegen, who lived from 1697 to 1769 in Germany.  He was the author of hymns 95, 247, 263, 304, and 305.

Ray Hoffman recited this poem at Buttonwillow I, California convention in 2016 before speaking from Psalms 22.