Getting Back to the Essentials

Getting back to the essentials Jesus said, "That they might know thee the only true God and Jesus Christ whom thou hast sent." I think it is good for us to know the absolutes. Wonderful to know the essentials. When someone asks you what you believe, what do you tell them?


Do you tell them, "Well, you need to talk to our workers?" I hope you don't. I hope you don't. We are happy to talk to them but they asked you, they didn't ask us. So you need to know like we all need to know what are the essentials.


Do you tell them, "Well we meet together in a home Sunday morning?" We do and that is right. Is that an essential? If we have the privilege to, it is. But that is not our salvation. But some people have never been to a Sunday morning meeting. Because their privileges don't not allow that but yet they are saved. So that's not an essential in a sense.


Now it is essential that we feed our faith and one of the greatest ways that we feed our faith is to have fellowship with others so if we have that privilege, it is necessary that we take advantage of that.


You might tell them, "Well our ministers go out two and two, they leave home like Jesus taught the disciples." And that's a good answer too, but is that really one of the essentials? But there are places in the world where there are no workers free to be. And they cannot do what we do. There were years and years when there were no workers free to be in Cuba, but our friends were very much alive, very much alive. Did they  have ministers there to feed them? No. So even though it is right and it is the only way for a ministry to be, we are sure of that. Is that an  essential? Not for my salvation, it isn't. Because if there was no one else alive in the world, my salvation is just as secure as it is today. I  believe that. It's not what we can do, it's what we are. It's knowing God and having communication with Him. It is becoming acquainted with Him, not just becoming acquainted with His ministry. Though that is a wonderful advantage to us and we often learn a lot from others.


So I am wondering, if when they ask you what you believe, if you will mention some of the essentials. Some of the things I have been thinking about have been: wouldn't it be an amazing thing if when someone asks you what do you believe? You would answer them, "We believe that in   order to be saved, we have to become as a little child." Now, that's awesome! I don't think they will hear that anywhere else. That's awesome!


You want to know something else? We believe that in order to be saved, we have to forgive every single person. That's awesome and there is not very many people who will tell you that, either. That's awesome! Because we understand and John understood that, when Jesus was there in Matthew 6 and He said, "If you forgive not every man his trespasses neither will My Heavenly Father forgive you." That's awesome! We get to know God when we know that to be right with Him, we forgive every person and we have no offense against any. That's from God.


Another thing, we must be born again. John said, "We must be born again." That's a good answer. John also knew that unless we were converted and became as a little child, we cannot enter the Kingdom of Heaven. That would be a wonderful thing to tell people when they ask us what we believe:  we believe that we must become as a little child. They won't get that answer very many places.


You will also know that John learned about God through Jesus. Jesus said, "Except you abide in Me, you can not bear fruit." That's another good answer:  we believe that we abide in the vine. That's the only way that we will experience anything. That's a  necessity:  that's an essential.


There are lots of other essentials you can think about, I am sure. One of them is:  if we forgive our brother, we can know God. And if we know God, we know that we can't hate a brother and love him.  If we love God, we know that. That's an essential. And so rather than telling people about some of the outward things, and that's fine, I've done it all my life. But I've just decided that from now on, I am going to answer things a little differently. I am going to tell people what really are the essentials, that makes me right with my God. That is, knowing God and knowing His Son and because of that, I have life and I have hope. I would like to   know more of this for myself.