Gladys Weir - Funeral

Gladys Weir passed away Thursday, December 22nd:

The funeral is on Dec. 28th at l:00 p.m. at Canyon Jr. High School on Cull Canyon Rd. in Castro Valley.

The burial will be at Mountain Ranch at 2:00 p.m. on Dec 29.



As info, the Weirs were some of the first people to profess and were from Dublin, Ireland.  One man said so many gospel meetings were held over their store that the building should have a steeple placed on it.  The newspapers called this store/home the Go-Preachers Headquarters.


Primrose and Gladys' mother was Agnes Carroll (sister to Bill, Jack, May, Fannnie, and Cecelia) and their father was Harry Weir.  Following is some additional info taken from TTT about this family:


1882:  Agnes (Aggie) Josephine Carroll:  Born July 26, 1882 at Mountainstown, Castletown,  Navan, Co. Meath. Agnes married Harry Weir of Dublin, Ireland. Harry was brother to Irvine Weir who was one of the first three workers to come to America, the first worker to California. Harry and Agnes came to America in 1911. They were both 28 years old when they arrived.  (See Ellis Island records; Agnes brought infant Gladys with her to America.) They had 4 children:  (1) Gladys, born Dec. 18, 1909 who went in the work in 1940 in California; and (2) Primrose, born May 28, 1913, who went in the work in 1947 in California.  Primrose died in June of 2004.  (3) Bill who married JoAnn and never became a part of the 2x2 sect.  (4) Edie who married Norman Leen.  NOTE:  Agnes CARROLL died in 1938-39 and Harry Weir remarried Ethel Waite.  They had one daughter, Jeanne, who married Jim Phillips.


Weirs store is one of two places credited with being the location of the "FIRST" Sunday fellowship meeting to ever be held.   "The first fellowship meeting in Dublin, Ireland took place over Weir's Hardware Store on Baggot Street."  Whether these were the first fellowship meetings to EVER be held, or the first meeting to be held in the City of Dublin and at Crocknacrieve is unknown to the Author.


This Weir Store building is in good condition and is being used today as a retail store.  The author walked through it in August, 2004 and picked up a brochure about the business and building that is reprinted in the TTT Photo Gallery.  A photo of Weirs Store may be viewed in the TTT Photo Gallery at 


The Weir family lived over their store.  There were possibly nine children in the Weir family.  The names of some were: Wilfred Weir, William Weir, Jr., Irvine Weir, Harry Weir, Edie Weir, Walter Weir, Lettie Weir Harvey.  Reportedly, sister worker Edie Weir left the work due to rheumatic fever, and lived above Weir's store until her death.