Glenn Gasser - Letter - Hermosa, South Dakota - June 18, 2013

Subject: Hermosa, SD
Date: Tue, 18 Jun 2013 22:24:45 -0500

Dear Southeast Field friends,
Greetings from Hermosa!  Will send the speaking list here.  Will add some of the summer plans as well.  Joe Hobbs has asked to be relieved of the responsibility here in South Dakota, so he and others feel like it would be best for North and South Dakota to work as one staff.  That thought seems to have been well accepted by the workers in both states.  As you probably can figure out by the plans listed below, I plan to spend the month of July with Joe in the Sioux Falls field.  Plans are for Mike Henry and John to be together there in the southeast North Dakota field until prep time.  So after Hermosa, John and I hope to have about a week in the field before Mike and I exchange.  I should be there yet for our first gospel meeting in Lisbon on Sunday, June 30 @ 7PM.  Hope to see several of you there.  Maybe even see some of you here?  Have heard of a few North Dakota folks coming down this way.
Hope all’s well there.  I sure have enjoyed my time in the field there.  Many thanks for all of your hospitality, help and respect.  Not sure what the new list will look like this fall.  Sure wouldn’t mind getting to finish out my year there sometime!!??  Just this for tonight.
Your brother,