Glen Spunaugle - Haiti 2010

Dear friends and family,

Tonight finds us very thankful for the common convenience of a shower. About supper time, the cistern ran dry.  Dan called the water man that we use, and convinced him to come tonight, so he came at about 7:00.  You really can't appreciate things until you have to do without them.  I am thinking of all those sleeping in tents, and in the street under makeshift tents made out of bed sheets.  It was cloudy all day, and I thought of those, and how it would be if it rained, and sometimes it can really rain here.  This is the dry season, and the rainy season doesn't start until April, so maybe it won't.  It seems that Luquel has found some land, and is getting the deal moving to build himself a new house, as his was damaged beyond repair, even though it did stand.  It has been such a useful home, gospel meetings on the roof, under a tin canopy, Sunday morning meeting for the last few years, and I have enjoyed many a meal in their home, also many gospel meetings I have attended there.  I am sure there are many more of our friends that will face the same, but Luquel is just one who goes ahead, doesn't like to wait.  Many are still kind of in shock, and think it is too early to rebuild.  We are looking forward to a shipment of tents coming in Thursday, and some of our friends will be very grateful for that.
We had about 5 crews or teams going today, so we didn't make major advances on any front, but good progress on a lot of fronts.  Tomorrow, we should pour the last of the new outside pillars, and begin on the inside ones.  We almost have 1/4 of the sheer walls up, the rest of the walls will be regular cement block.
Joe Layman makes 6 loaves of fresh bread every day, and there is not a crumb left over.  Allan Saville is our main cook, and also does laundry for all of us, it sure is nice for us.  We and six visitors have a tent out in the field,  and an extension cord for a single bulb, and we think we have it pretty good.  We are using the convention bed frames, so we are not on the ground.

We continue to marvel and be amazed at the outpouring of sentiment toward the people of Haiti, and especially our friends.

Thanks for your part,
Glenn Spunaugle