Glenn Gasser - Email - July 18, 2018

Dear Dakota Friends,
Sent this list and pictures to the staff.  Never sure whether to bother anyone else with another little note or not??  Nothing vital to North Dakota/South Dakota in this one - feel free to hit delete now if you wish!

Greetings from Ellershouse.  Just got the workers' picture, so will get this on its way.  Most of us Almonte visitors flew over to Halifax, Nova Scotia Monday am, except Dean Affleck who returned to France.  Steve Shultz took some of us on a tour of Peggy’s Cove and the Halifax Harbor yesterday.  The power of the ocean crashing against the rocky coastline is always impressive, especially to a land-locked mid-western farm kid.  Different times the Lord’s voice is likened to the “sound of many waters.”  It certainly gets your attention and is to be respected.


I’m to return into Fargo next Tuesday.  May make a few visits, then hope to get to the field by the end of next week.  It sounds like Don has joined Paul in the Utica field, at least until his next eye surgery August 8th.  If it seems better he stays closer to his doctor, possibly we could be together some for the few weeks before Utica preps start August 23.  A very special convention last week and looking forward to this one starting in the morning, but will be glad to get back home soon, too.


I better get busy here.  We are two hours ahead here, but most of you would have meetings coming up tonight.  Best Wishes!!


Your brother,