Glenn Gasser - Email - October 2, 2013

My sincere apology if you received this more than once today!  The connection is a little slow and it seems to time out on me if I sent too many at once.  It looks like some went through, but most didn’t.  Hopefully it will work this time when I send the fields individually.  Thanks for your patience!  Hope I don’t wear out your delete button!  GG


Dear North and South Dakota Friends,

Greetings from Mandan.  Hope to see several of you here.  Things seem ready here and we look forward to being fed again from a Source we have grown to trust.  You likely have seen the speaking list, but will put it on here in case you haven’t.  Heidi P. just got the names on the picture that was snapped here last night, so will attach that.


Will also list the Fall and Winter plans that we are aware of for the Dakota staff, if you’d like to follow some of the comings and goings here.  As you see, and may have heard, I head for conventions in Australia and New Zealand in about 3 weeks.  I fly out of Sioux Falls on October 22 and back into Sioux Falls on January 13.  Jake will be mostly in the Sioux Falls field while I’m away.  The North part of our field (Aberdeen/Ipswich) will be looked after by Jane and Pam while we are away; the south part (Mitchell and Pierre) will be looked after by Beth Arlene and Heidi V.  We have planned for the Sioux Falls brothers (Paul and Thane) to look after the Madison/Brookings area this year.  I think the fields have pretty well stayed the same as the past few years otherwise.


If you’d rather not receive an occasional blip of information this way, please feel free to say so.  I don’t expect a response from notes like this.  I can’t seem to keep up general correspondence as well as I would like to, but am always glad to hear if anyone cares to write.  If someone isn’t included in this in North Dakota or South Dakota, that would like to be, you could let me know.  I would prefer if you didn’t forward my emails outside of the Dakotas.  Copy and paste a list into your email, if you wish.  Thank You!


Pardon just this for today.  Hope all are keeping in good health and cheer.


Your brother,