Glenn Gasser - Last Week "Down Under" - January 7, 2014

Your inbox will probably get a little rest now as I’ll soon be back in the “Great White North.”  It has gone fast and I wouldn’t have wanted to miss any of it, but “Home” is starting to sound pretty good!  We had a nice worker’s meeting here at Maroota yesterday and Convention #11 will start here this evening.  It looks like they will be squeezing the last drops out of us here by Sunday afternoon and then fly my “remains” back to the US on Monday. ;)  I’m to leave Sydney at 3:20pm Monday and hopefully about 20 hours later arrive in Sioux Falls at 6:11 Monday evening.


Sounds like the USA is in the deep freeze these days!  A day or two felt a bit more like the oven here last week, but mostly it has been really nice.  Cooler and even a bit rainy the past couple days.  The ol’ Cactus here saw it as it’s chance to bloom.  In just a few hours it was so amazing to see it’s buds grow and about dark last night they opened up into some beautiful flowers.  I’ll stick on a couple pictures I snapped before the sunrise this morning.  It’s been amazing to see beautiful new life springing forth in the friends as each convention progressed, too.  A few minutes after I snapped the pictures, the bees had already found the blooms and were making good use of their short opportunities, too.  Feel I could learn a lot about using opportunities from nature and hope I’ll benefit from the wonderful privileges I’ve had here the past weeks.


It was special to go home with Dale and Julie Crawford for a day between the two conventions here.  They gave me a nice quick tour of Sydney.  Will stick on a picture I snapped that day, too.  It’s taken from the Taronga Zoo which is really nice and has great views of the harbor and city.  Across the harbor, you can see a few things you may have heard of:  Sydney Harbor Bridge, Opera House, Sydney Tower.  Of course, the most beautiful images we bring back in our mind from any travels is the work we’ve seen that God has done in yielded hearts and lives.


Nice to think of the South Dakota special meeting rounds starting up yesterday.  Hopefully I can meet up with the west crew around Rapid City a week from today.  May need to dig out my coat there in Sioux Falls!!  I’ll not keep you longer.  Thanks again to those who have responded and most of all to those who have remembered us before the One who’s help is your and my only hope of filling our place!


Your brother,