Glenn Smith - Service

Glen Smith laboured in South America and wanting to enter a certain part had to be vaccinated or pay fifty dollars. He chose the former, although he was always against vaccination as a result the only eye he had became blind, the result was he had a nervous breakdown, and while with his sister, he dictated these lines.


Glenn laboured in the Eastern USA before going to South America to preach. Glenn married a nurse named Helen, after she professed in their meetings. Glenn and Helen were citizens of South America and eventually became part of the Assemblies of God church. Glenn became ill and died in South America.



I was longing to serve my Master and lo, I was laid aside

From the party of busy Workers who toiled in the Field so wide.

There were few, yes, few in number and I could not understand

Why I should be kept inactive t’was different from what I planned.


I was longing to serve my Master; I knew that the work was great,

To me, it was easy to labour but OH! It was hard to wait,

To be quiet, still and silent, while the song was borne to my ear,

Of the reapers with whom I had mingled in the work of my heart so dear.

I was longing to serve my Master; He lead to a desert place,

And there, as we stopped and rested, His eyes looked down on my face,

So full of tender reproaching, they filled me with sad surprise,

Did He think I grudged my service and counted it sacrifice?

Oh, Master, I long to serve Thee; the time is short at best,

Let me back to the Field, I plead; I care not to stay and rest,

I knelt at His feet imploring, I gazed at His face above,

"My child," He said gently, “Your serve is nothing without your love.”


I was longing to serve my Master; I thought that His greatest care

Was to keep all His Workers busy in reaping the fields so fair,

But there, in the lonely desert afar from the busy scene,

It dawned on me slowly and where the awful mistake had been.

My heart was full of service; I had drifted from Him apart,

And He longed for the sweet confiding the union of heart to heart.

I sought and received while my eyes were dim with tears,

I sought and received forgiveness while my eyes with tears were dim,

And though the work is still precious, the first place is for Him.