Glenn Sparks - Email about Hurrican Matthew - Apopka, Florida Convention - October 6, 2016

Dear fellow workers, family, and friends,

Now that things have quieted down I want to get a few lines written your way.  Due to the storm predictions of Matthew, the decision was made last night after our meeting to cancel the meetings for today and tomorrow.  Convention will resume Saturday morning according to the present plan.

The powers that be have predicted 80 mph winds (gusts) for this area so this morn after breakfast, the dining tent was taken down.  One of our friends in construction has some forms he is going to bring and shore up the lean-to of the meeting shed as it could very likely be ripped apart.  I am wondering how you dear folks out there in the Bahamas fared.

Presently we are getting nothing and sometime tomorrow is when we’ll get the brunt of the storm here for whatever that will amount to.  At the moment, there is a slight breeze and sprinkling but I don’t think that is from the storm.

Most of the friends have already left (sadly) but I am sure that we will have a full house for the meetings on Saturday and Sunday.  Those on the east coast can’t go back to their homes as there is a mandatory evacuation.  The eye of the storm will be off the coast line a little ways but I don’t know how far.

Just this for now and I’ll try to keep you posted,