Glenn Spunaugle - Haiti, 2010

Date: Tue, 26 Jan 2010 20:46:09 -0700

Hello from upstairs in the main house, the one we are working on. This morning I got up early in our tent out in the field, came upstairs to shower, and immediately the house was shaking. It is only the second one I have felt, and it only lasted about 5 seconds, but it was enough to make the house make a little noise. No damage, though. Today, we finished the last of the 14 new pillars around the outside of the building, so tomorrow most all the crew can focus on the inside. Today we did have a problem. As we were taking out one section of the damaged concrete block wall, one of the pillars began to bow out. They immediately cleared out the building, but nothing else happened. We know the house settled a little in that point. Tomorrow, we hope to get up more of the sheer walls, there are 8 to do, and we have almost 3 completed. Also there will be several new pillars inside. The downstairs of this building is just one large room with no dividing walls, and we use it for a flag factory during the year, and ladies dorm during convention. We originally had 2 pillars downstairs, but now will have 6. When finished, this will be one strong building. We are losing some windows, there will be none in front, perhaps 1 in the back and losing 4 on the sides. We are looking forward to Derek H. coming back from the D.R. tomorrow, and bringing with him, Nancy Kidd, wife of John who has been here since last week. Derek will be bringing some more supplies, but things are beginning to open up here, Dan was able to get propane today, and Mike said one of the supermarkets in P-au-P was open today, the open markets seemed pretty normal when we were there Sunday. So things are gradually getting back to a sense of normalcy. but hearts are heavy, and Dan said after talking with many of the friends, they said "Our heads are empty" like they just don't have the capacity to think, plan, figure out what to do next. It will take some time, we just want to do what we can to support them until they are able to function normally again.

Thanks for you awesome support,
Glenn Spunaugle