Glenn Spunaugle - Haiti Convention, 2005

The convention in Haiti, September 30 - October 2, was extraordinary! The weather was hot, because of being 3 months earlier. It rained almost every day (usually in the evening or at night) during preps, but it rained only Saturday night during convention.

We expected a larger crowd, and were not disappointed. There were about 280 on Sunday. We had 4 visiting brothers: Charles Steffen, Maurice Close, Peter Liddle, and Derek Huburt. Two sisters: Teri Astorga, and Ruthie Bickford. The meetings were rich, and the friend's testimonies added a great deal. There were 9 visiting friends: 6 from Canada, and 3 from the states. There was no translation into Spanish this year, as all could understand English.

Perhaps you have heard about the response to the gospel in Haiti the past 2 years, when the security, and the economic situation, has been deplorable. That trend continued at the convention with 17 or 18 professing, and 21 being baptised. They were from all parts of Haiti.

This is happening at a time when there have been only 2 workers. For the most part, in the country, at times there have been 3. The new list shows sister workers to be in the north part, but that may not happen until the first of the year.

I believe the friends left the convention with their faith increased, and with hope for the future in their hearts. They face an increasingly difficult natural existence. We do not expect the current calm environment to continue, as the elections draw near. Naturally they have little to bring them joy or give them hope, but they have found the source of true joy. It is contagious! We rejoice with them.

a brother in Christ,

Glenn Spunaugle