Glenn Spunaugle - Haiti, January 2010

Date: Thu, 28 Jan 2010 16:19 (PST)
Subject: Haiti

Just to let you know we arrived safely to the convention grounds in Haiti and left off our load of provisions about 4:30, I think. When we checked in on Caridad in the provisional hospital after entering Haiti, she was wanting to come with us. We really didn't have room for her and her nephew who cares for her so we told her we would return today. We took provisions to the batch in the city and picked up Mike who continues to care for those who need to live there at present and he takes extra provisions from there to the other friends. We found out the main Doctor wants to keep Caridad longer as its very urgent that she receive a skin graft as her bad leg won't recover without one. A group of Doctors had arrived for this special procedure and will get to her as soon as they can. She will need to stay a week after the grafting and then Mike will bring her to the batch.

In the area near the batch is where we saw the worst destruction of all and where many of the dead were found. Now many are working on removal of the structures as most of the construction in the city is concrete blocks and cement floors and cement roofs. We didn't get back until about 1:30 and also need to stay over until tomorrow to leave as two of the Canadian friends are to go back with us and leave from Puerto Plata on Monday.

We hope another trip can be made next week or the following as the workers and friends are going to need continued help. They are now able to buy rice and other provisions here. Two men arrived by plane this evening with 25 camping tents and other provisions. Glen Spanaugle, Warren and Scott Wainwright are to leave from here by plane on Saturday. Was no need to even stop as we came through the border coming in so we'll hope for the same good fortune as we leave tomorrow.

A tremendous amount of work has now been done with 14 pillars put on the outside and 10 inside and they will finish the last 5 more tomorrow on the 2 story convention home and building. Will be lots more to do but now not as urgent. They also want to help the friends rebuild little by little as soon as possible. Probably about 20 or 30 homes involved some fairly simple and others quite large. Our hearty best wishes to each of you and thanks again for all your deep interest and care that is so much appreciated by us all.

Glen, Derek and Gerardo

Date: Fri, 29 Jan 2010 04:18
Subject: Friday morning in Haiti

There is a beautiful full moon out, lighting the landscape of this afflicted island country. It is early, but then the days start early in Haiti, and it is cool and fresh this morning. This will likely be the last letter I will send from Haiti this trip. Our friends from Minnesota were able to fly in yesterday in a rented plane bringing tents and other supplies. Two of them stayed, while the third, the pilot and the plane's owner, flew back. They will return again on Saturday, and Warren and Scott Wainwright and I will go back in the plane. Two of the Canadians who have been working here for over a week are going back to the D.R. today with the D.R. workers. So, our project is winding down. That is the structural stabilizing part of it. By the end of today we will have all the new pillars in place, 14 outside and 14 inside, and the sheer walls should be completed tomorrow, then it will be filling in the rest of the walls, and all the finishing. We all have been glad to have a part in this project, and to witness the calming down, and beginning of the return to normalcy. There is much work to be done in Haiti, but it seems that now it can begin, as the struggle to survive is lessening, and thoughts and efforts can move to reconstruction. It has been comforting to know that none of our friends perished in the earthquake, but it has been awesome to witness the bonding of God's family worldwide, something I have never experienced before, maybe because it hasn't happened to this degree before, and we feel it is a great honor and privilege to be able to witness God's work being accomplished.

Thank you from the depths of our hearts for all you have poured out on us and to us in these trying days since the earthquake. It will not be forgotten.

A grateful brother,
Glenn Spunaugle