Graham Barnes - Update on Kenya - 2008

Kenya .... another trouble spot for saint and servant .... from Graham Barnes

Just a few lines as I know you are reading, seeing and hearing some horrific things about what is happening here. First of all we are all OK and safe. There are problems, but it's not that the whole country is consumed with violence. It is mainly the western part of the country that is affected, plus the slum areas of Nairobi, especially Kibera, near where we have our convention.

Eldoret in Western Kenya was particularly bad. Lettie and Valarie Colli were staying in the home of John and Joanna Kariuki just outside of Eldoret town. John and Joanna are away, visiting John's Mother near Magadi in southern Kenya over the Xmas period. We had to get Lettie and Valarie out yesterday as it wasn't safe for them to stay there. Abraham went up from Nairobi Tuesday and they flew down to Nairobi from Eldoret this morning. We have sent Lettie, Valarie, Abe and Daudi over to Tanzania as a precaution until things become more settled. Silas and myself are in Nanyuki on the north side of Mt. Kenya. No problems up here but we will monitor the situation and keep out of trouble.

I spoke to most of the friends on the phone today, Masiga's in Kisumu, Kibatta's, Njoroge's, Isabel in Nairobi. Kakamega folks, all are OK. Gladys is at home with her mother near Kitale. It's not too good in that area, but she was OK.

Nairobi was calm today. Reece and Louise Adamson a New Zealand couple who had been with us in Nanyuki travelled to Nairobi, did some shopping and then took the shuttle bus this afternoon together with Lettie, Val, Abe and Daudi to where they are living near Arusha, Tanzania.

Just this tonight,