Graham Robinson - Portadown, Ireland Special Meetings - 2011

I enjoyed that hymn, "Hearts It Is The World Requires."  If we have a heart that God is pleased with, then we have a heart that the world requires.  This world is a cold, corrupt place and God requires us to be lights in this world.  Matthew 5, "Let your light....Heaven."  If we have a heart that God can work in, then we will be a light.  This could lead to others glorifying God.  If we have the right desires in our heart, we will have peace and those outside will see it.

I was thinking of Daniel and his three friends.  They purposed not to defile themselves.  There were others taken captive from Israel but only those four had the right purpose.  They were willing to be different when different was right.  They were not ashamed of what they believed in and God brought them into favour with the chief eunuch.  It seemed that it would be impossible for them to refuse the king's food but God took over.  If we set our heart's to be true to God, we can be sure that God will work.  At the end of the time, Daniel and his friends looked better than the others.  God was working in those young lives and they were given wisdom and understanding.

Then an image was made and all were to fall down and worship when the music was played.  The penalty for disobedience was to get put into the fiery furnace. They told the king that even if God did not deliver them they were not going to serve the king's god.  They stood for what they knew to be right and they answered the king according to their conviction.  Others would have seen how true they were to the God that they believed in.  When the king looked into the furnace, a fourth was walking with them.  If we are willing to stand for what is right, others will see Christ in us.  Because the young men stood for what was right, the king began to show respect for their God.

God sent Christ to His own people Israel, but they had gone far from Him, following their own tradition but we, as Gentiles, had no hope of being with Him. Ephesians 3, "Strangers the world...Christ."  There was no hope for Creation, if Christ had not come.  He laid down His life for us.  He surely had a heart that the world required.  Every day Christ lived, He put down any selfish thought He may have had and He did that for our sake.


We would like to be like those young men.  In the midst of what was ungodly, they stood firm for God.