Graveside Service of the Funeral Service for John T. Carroll - Milltown, Washington - March 30, 1957

Hymn, “Lord Grant My Life May Be"  Sung by 123 workers present.
Prayer, Charlie Krub


Paul began to speak about eternal things.  An eternal weight of glory, an eternal house built by God.  I would just like to say this afternoon that it would be good for me and for you to ask ourselves, “Am I putting all that I can and all that I am into this glorious gospel work today?  Do I know anything about living for those eternal things?  Am I looking at eternal things, or am I looking at these temporal things?"  I thank God that He has put a desire in my heart to make these things my own.  Eternal weight of glory.  Is it worthwhile?  I think so.  There was no uncertainty in Paul’s mind.  “For we know that if our earthly house of this tabernacle were dissolved, we have a building of God, an house not made with hands, eternal in the heavens.”  I would like you to concentrate a little while upon that house made by God.  It is not made with hands – the house that we are going to live in forever.  Only God can build that house.  God is building that house in your heart and life.  We shall all appear before the judgement seat of Christ.  We can picture our brother this afternoon having entered into this, the fulfillment of it, rejoicing in that body, that house not made with hands, and rejoicing in the thought that forever and forever that is going to be his because for sixty years he separated himself, denied himself, laid his life upon God’s altar and kept it there, and now he is receiving from God the deeds done in his body.


If I had nothing more to make Heaven, for me than just the association with the noble men and women I have known, it would be worthwhile.  I think of Jack having fellowship with men like John Vint, with Mrs. Silvernail and Lester, and many, many others.  Do you think there is any regret or sorrow in his heart because he heeded the first call, and then the second call, and kept true to those calls to the end of his life?  It was a wonderful thing to me to think that this man that I had labored beside for fifty years was dying in another man’s home, what an honor it is that he has been laid in another man’s coffin, and that we will lay away his last remains in another man’s grave.  Could you want anything else more like his Master?  These are the things that enrich this Kingdom, that hold it together, that make it worthwhile, and these are the things that are going to help us to carry on in the future.  Some may wonder what will happen to this because Jack is gone.  This Kingdom doesn’t belong to Jack.  God chose him and called him and used him, but this is still God’s Kingdom.  If all of us here today were to die, it wouldn’t change God’s Kingdom, God’s Family, God’s Way.  We have the privilege of being true to this that has meant so much all these years that we have known it.  There is the necessity of being true and loyal to one another.  Jesus prayed that we all might be one.  If I am criticizing you in the presence of someone else, I am not making it easier for that one to love you as God wants them to.  We need to take a firm and true hold, and pray that by the grace of God and help of God that we will be firmer and stronger and more steadfast than ever before.  We will be so close together that all the forces of the enemy will just fall off like water falls off a duck’s back.  What has happened this last week will not scatter or separate us, it will bind us closer together.  It will make us long and pray and labor as we have never done before.  I am so thankful that in my little short lifetime, I have had the privilege of being a fellow-laborer with Jack Carroll and I wouldn’t care if all the world heard me say that.  I hope that God will find in all our hearts a purpose and desire to be true to Him and to be grateful to Him for such a wonderful salvation as was manifested in the life of Jesus and also in the life of our brother that we are paying our last respects to this afternoon.  I want to re-dedicate my life and consecrate my life in a fuller measure, so that the few remaining years of my life will be spent in such a manner that God may smile upon it, that I would have the privilege of dying in another man’s home, of being laid in another man’s grave, to keep true and faithful to God to the very end.


Prayer, Reuben Bennett. 

Hymn, “Lord Grant Thy People Grace (No. 13)

Pall Bearers: Oliver Barene, Niels Jorgenson, Dale Bors, Bob Ingram, Jack