H. Beaber - At Los Banos, Philippines - Monday, October 23, 1944

One day last week, Wednesday I think, we heard a plane coming low over the camp. We looked and saw that smoke was coming from the engines. As it passed over the camp, the engine started to splutter, and in a few seconds, the pilot winged over and bailed out. The plane landed with a crash not far away. We gave a great sigh of relief as we saw that the pilot was safe.

Some said it was Jap plane, others we just as certain it was an American and thought that the pilot escaped and was taken to the mountains by the guerrillas.

On Thursday, we saw a large flight of American bombers and their escort of fighters. It was a grand sight.

We had “alerts” every day last week. The more planes, the less food.

Yesterday was Cecil’s birthday. I forgot to say Leo’s stomach trouble and diarrhea got steadily worse and he had to go to the hospital where his case was pronounced “amoebic dysentery.” I could not see him yesterday nor today - isolated - but not in serious condition. To return to Cecil’s birthday - we had two duck eggs from the canteen and a scrap of bacon, so I sliced the bacon, fried it with pepper berries (grown in our garden) and garlic. Added some chopped greens and then put in the eggs. I do not know the name of it but the boys though it a swell adjunct to our breakfast of rice gruel.

When we left Manila, I was given a bottle of condensed caraboa’s milk, sweetened. So we had milk in our coffee at noon.

In the afternoon, I made a pudding of rice, moldy chocolate, brown sugar, and some of the milk, and Cecil opened a can of salmon. What a meal! It was a feast!

We still have a little tea and every Sunday evening, we have a few of our friends in for tea and a chat. Last night, the usual ones. Henry Pickens, Dave Martin, and also Christie came in, and an extra one, Henry Bucher.

We finished off the milk with our tea and all agreed it was a treat.