H. Beaber - At Los Banos, Philippines - Sunday, December 31, 1944

Nothing much happened this past week until today. Did had been a little shorter the past ten days. (We have it issued to us in 10 periods.) But they tell us or may be better the next time. We have learned to have little confidence in their words.

Today we had ring-side seats for a new spectacle. Some P-38s were strafing the highway, railway, and station just below the damp. Never before have they come so close, but this time we could see plainly the markings on the wings. I was serving out the mush at the time, for once people left the chow-line and I had no customers for several minutes.

My beni-beni is no worse. I am going now to check my weight again. We are very languid due to shortage of protein and vitamins in our diet. Some young people are on the verge of T.B.

We have a nice meeting this A.M. and thought of all of friends who were probably having Special Meetings.

Tomorrow, New Year's Day, we expect to have an extra quantity of mush and in the P.M., thin pork and beans with some camote hash.