H. Beaber - In the Philippines - Friday, December 12, 1942-1945

I went to Pinagkaisahan and Cecil went to town to see if there was any mail. I got back alright but Cecil got caught in a raid and did not get back to the house til after-noon.

Mr. Minos left today with his son so there is no one in his house.

It is true that the Prince of Wales and the Repulse have been sunk by Japanese plane action. That is bad. The Japanese have made landing in Luzon but have been repulsed by the U.S. and the P.I. Army. Also a landing reported at Legaspi but if true, it is small.

Hong Kong has been attacked too, but is holding out and the Chinese are coming in behind the enemy.

Willie came over to see us this P.M. and as he has seen Johnnie Brown, he said all our friends in Canvite were well with the exception of Mr. Basconsilla. He has not appeared since the raid and was in the building that was directly hit; it is thought he is dead. Several of our friends from Pinaghaisahan are fighting in the front lines.

It rained some today and is raining here tonight. I guess no bombers will come in this kind of weather. Good news today was that a large battleship was hit three times by bombs of one of our airmen, and it was left in damaged condition. Also that Wake Island has not yet been taken but that the little garrison there sunk a cruiser and a destroyer. Our Admiral Hart here says that the submarines are out and he expects good things from them.

They may not be back for days or weeks. We are cozy in our batch here on Bubi and Pineda. Can just see to type with the black-out light and as all windows and doors are closed, we use the fan to stir up a little circulation.