H. Beaber - In the Philippines - Friday, December 19, 1942-1945

No raids last night. People are getting used to this life a little, and we see a few peddlers around in the mornings and a few more caratelas taking people to the market.

Cecil and I went to town this morning. I had business at the P.O. and there we saw Tagumpay Eusebio. Asked about boats going to America. None. And no news. Cecil sent a cablegram to New Zealand saying we are safe.

We got home without getting caught in a raid and were just finishing the dishes when the first siren sounded! Ten minutes later, the planes came in from the west, dropped a few bombs on Cavite, and went away. Started a fire that looks like oil burning. Dark billowing clouds rising into the sky. About a half-hour later, 17 more planes came in from the same direction. We neither saw nor heard any bombs, but heard later that they had dropped leaflets.